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Mindscapes: Critical Reading Skills and Strategies 2nd Edition

Christine Evans Carter

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2011
  • 672 Pages
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Developed for students at the 10-12 reading level, MINDSCAPES: CRITICAL READING SKILLS AND STRATEGIES, 2E helps students become stronger readers based on how the brain best processes and learns information. Christine Evans Carter has developed a powerful approach to building reading skills that is based on the latest research in brain-based learning; when students recognize the structure and organization of information, they maximize their learning power. This focus on text structure provides a scaffold onto which developmental-level readers can apply new knowledge. Information is presented in a carefully crafted sequence that serves to build upon prior knowledge and expand understanding of skills and strategies in a recursive manner. In addition, each chapter includes study skills and discipline-specific vocabulary and reading strategies to help students succeed in all of their courses.

Christine Evans Carter, St. Louis Community College at Meramec

Christine Evans Carter is a Professor at St. Louis Community College at Meramec in the English department (since 1999) and has served as the Coordinator of their Reading Program for 5 years. Prior to her appointment in St. Louis, Christine was lead reading faculty in the transitional studies department at Denmark Technical College in South Carolina. She has also taught as an adjunct instructor at several institutions. Christine has a BA in English and an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Connecticut (1984, 1988), and a MS in Reading from Western Illinois University (1994). In addition, she has acquired more than a PhD level of graduate credit in her field. Christine has been teaching for more than 20 years and has over 15 years of experience teaching all developmental and college level reading courses, ESL, advanced reading, all levels of developmental writing courses and introductory anthropology. She has made numerous presentations in her field at both national and regional conferences.
  • NEW! Additional skill and strategy practice. Based on reviewer feedback, each chapter now offers extra practice so instructors can customize instruction for students who would benefit from extra review. In addition, these practice opportunities at the end of each chapter can be used to assess students’ progress.
  • REVISED! Application readings with diverse questions that target all components of critical reading. Each chapter has two Application readings from a variety of disciplines and sources, each with an introduction, guiding questions, and diverse activities to keep students engaged: Comprehension Check asks students to derive meaning from the reading; NEW! Reading Graphics supply a topical graphic for students to read and apply to the Application reading; NEW! Developing Your College-Level Vocabulary promotes retention of words students need to know in future courses; NEW! Thematic Connections provides critical thinking writing opportunities where students make connections to their own experiences and chapter themes.
  • NEW! Discipline-specific vocabulary. Each chapter targets key word parts and fundamental vocabulary and key terms for a range of college-level disciplines linked the each chapter’s theme and focus. This “Increase your discipline-specific vocabulary” feature will help students build the knowledge they will use throughout their college coursework.
  • REVISED! Study reading strategies. Every chapter focuses on specific reading strategies—like previewing, paraphrasing, and note taking—that help students become more efficient critical readers extending beyond just reading comprehension. They also enhance students’ ability to learn what is important, and improve their performance on college tests and assignments in all of their courses. General study skills—like goal-setting, time management, and study environments—are now available in an Introduction to be used at the instructor’s discretion.
  • REVISED! Strategies for understanding graphics. Every chapter includes a short feature helping students critically read and decode the various graphic types they are certain to encounter in their future college readings. These explanations provide practical insights into how to focus on key points and relationships among ideas in a variety of graphic types, like line graphs, bar graphs, cartoons, and tables. As a result, students learn to derive full value from visuals that so often support narrative discussions in college textbooks. Each new strategy is practiced in context in the application readings at the end of each chapter.
  • UPDATED. New Pre-Assessment, Post-Assessment, Application, and Textbook Application readings throughout Mindscapes to keep the themes addressed in the chapters up-to-date.
  • Varied practice throughout the book includes the Thinking It Through feature, which models a newly learned skill so that students can see and practice in a non-threatening environment. The On Your Own feature then challenges students to apply the skill without guidance.
  • Applications at the end of each chapter provide marginal support and prompt students to practice all the different skills learned in the chapter. To hold students' interest, and to prepare them for the variation they will encounter in their college courses, no two Applications have the same apparatus.
  • Authentic full-length textbook chapter practice opportunities. Textbook Applications after each unit allow students to test-drive their newly honed skills and strategies with authentic, full-length textbook chapters in their original designs. The high-interest material is drawn from texts in health science, history, education, and law, related to the unit themes. The successful navigation of these more rigorous cross-discipline chapters builds student confidence and demonstrates that newly learned skills and strategies transfer to college coursework.
  • Reading Study Strategies, Vocabulary Strategies, and Understanding Graphics--significant areas of concern for developmental readers--are integrated into every chapter in a meaningful way that relates to the reading topic at hand.
  • The text's unique chapter organization is built on a framework of brain-based learning.
  • Themes applied to each chapter act as a way to build prior knowledge.
Introduction: Fundamental Study Strategies For College Success
1. Understanding Active Reading. How You Learn. Reading Strategies. Your Purpose For Reading. Reading Study Strategy: Surveying And Previewing A Reading. Identifying Topic. Vocabulary Strategy: Using Context Clues. Applications.
2. Understanding Patterns Of Organization And Supporting Details. Recognizing Patterns Of Organization. Relationships Between Ideas. Reading Study Strategies: Paraphrase To Aid Comprehension. Vocabulary Strategy: Identifying Prefixes And Suffixes. Applications. Unit 1: Textbook Application.
3. Understanding Explicit Main Ideas. Author’s Purpose. Main Idea. Reading Study Strategy: Summarizing to Express Main Idea and Supporting Details. Vocabulary Strategy: Recognizing Root Words. Applications.
4. Understanding Implied Main Ideas. Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions. Implied Main Idea. Vocabulary Strategy: Understanding Figurative Language. Reading Study Strategy: Reading and Understanding Literature. Applications. Unit 2: Textbook Application.
5. Understanding Text Marking and Annotation. Reading Study Strategies: Monitoring Your Reading. Marking and Annotating Text. Vocabulary Strategy: Improving Your College-Level Vocabulary. Applications.
6. Understanding Text Note Taking. Reading Study Strategies: College Reading In The Disciplines. Using Textbook Features. Taking Notes. Note Taking from Reading. Vocabulary Strategy: Studying Vocabulary. Applications. Unit 3: Textbook Application.
7. Understanding Arguments. Reading Study Strategies: How to Read a Variety of Sources. Reading Controversial Text. Vocabulary Strategy: Recognizing Bias and Tone: Denotation, Connotation, and Loaded Language. Applications.
8: Evaluating Arguments. Reading Study Strategy: Critical Thinking Strategies. Recognizing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning. Evaluating Arguments. Vocabulary Strategy: Intended Meaning: Euphemisms and Doublespeak. Applications. Unit 4: Textbook Application.
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