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Microsoft® Windows 10 CourseNotes 2nd Edition

Course Technology

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013
  • 6 Pages


Give your students the tools they need to succeed with Microsoft® Windows 10. These Course Technology's COURSENOTES are a handy six-panel quick reference card that reinforces the most important and widely used features of MS Windows 10 in a visual and user-friendly format. MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10 COURSENOTES serves as an invaluable, instant reference tool both during and after your student completes your course.

Course Technology,

Since 1989, Course Technology has been publishing innovative texts and creative electronic learning solutions to help educators teach, students learn, and individuals expand their interest in and understanding of emergent and current technologies.
  • NEW MATERIAL COVERS THE CORTANA PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT. Students learn how to use Cortana to find files, manage calendars, track packages, and more.
  • NEW CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS THE IMPROVED MAIL AND CALENDAR APPS OF WINDOWS 10. Students learn how to efficiently use the improved mail and calendar apps.
  • NEW MATERIAL EXPLORES THE ACTION CENTER NOTIFICATIONS AND SETTINGS. Students learn how the action center organizes all system notifications and frequently used settings in one location.
  • NEW CONTENT DETAILS THE WINDOWS HELLO BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SIGN-IN OPTIONS. Students learn about Windows Hello, a new sign-in option that uses facial recognition, a fingerprint scan, or an iris scan.
  • CONTENT OFFERS QUICK REFERENCE TOTHE LATEST FEATURES IN MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10. Students can conveniently reference and review how to maximize the new features and advantages of MS Windows 10.
  • FORMAT ENABLES INSTANT ACCESS TO CRITICAL PRODUCT INFORMATION. With the convenience of COURSENOTES, students can instantly locate instructions and product information as they need it.
  • REINFORCES KEY SOFTWARE CONCEPTS WHILE SUPPORTING YOUR TEXT. COURSENOTES serve as a resource for key operating system commands and functions while supporting the concepts in your course.
  • FUNCTIONS AS HELPFUL STUDY GUIDE. COURSENOTES provide the ultimate handy study guide for your students as they prepare for exams.
  • SERVES AS A REFRESHER FOR FUTURE COURSEWORK. With convenience, portability and easy access, COURSENOTES continue to serve as a resource for your students long after they have completed your course.
Welcome to Microsoft® Windows 10.
What’s New in Windows 10.
Basic Functions.
Action Center.
Multiple Windows.
Files and Folders.
Search and Help.