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Effective prevention and intervention are more critical than ever. Providing a collaborative "how to" guide for both preventive and intervention-oriented counseling in school settings, MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTIONS FOR SCHOOLS delivers up-to-the-minute coverage of the most common mental health or psychosocial/emotional issues and disorders facing schoolchildren and youth--issues that can negatively impact their learning and long-term educational development. This exciting new first edition features the work of some of the most highly regarded counselor educators in the field. Each chapter provides a solid overview of a mental health concern and then focuses on school- and research-based actions that are preventive and intervention oriented as well as proven effective in school settings. Packed with relevant examples, MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTIONS FOR SCHOOLS offers the most current, comprehensive, and well-researched coverage available.

Christopher A. Sink, Seattle Pacific University

Christopher Sink, Ph.D., NCC, LMHC, a professor of Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University for more than 16 years, has been actively involved with the school counseling profession for almost 30 years. He has conducted small groups in K-12 schools and teaches the group counseling class. Prior to serving as a counselor educator, he worked as a secondary and post-secondary counselor. He has many years of editorial experience in counseling-related journals--including ASCA's PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING and ACA's COUNSELING AND VALUES--and has published extensively in various areas related to school counseling and educational psychology. A strong advocate for systemic and strengths-based school-based counseling, his research agenda includes topics examining the outcomes of comprehensive school counseling programs, research methods in school counseling, and spirituality as an important feature of adolescent resiliency. He is also the author of MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTIONS FOR SCHOOL COUNSELORS (Brooks/Cole, 2011). Dr. Sink has a three-year visiting professor/scholar appointment in the Faculty of Education and Theology, York St John University, York, England.
  • Bringing together insights and expertise from some of the most highly respected educators in the field, MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTIONS FOR SCHOOLS delivers cutting-edge coverage of key concepts in preventive and intervention-oriented counseling. Each contributing counselor educator is widely published in his or her area of expertise and draws from extensive experience in the practice setting.
  • Chapters begin with a case example that engages students in a realistic illustration of an issue that they could face when they are counselors, helping them immediately apply chapter concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Reflecting the latest developments from the field, this exciting first edition is focused on effective, research-based interventions and packed with practical examples.
  • End-of-chapter "Additional Resources" sections provide a bibliography of helpful sources to encourage students to go more in depth and explore on their own the critical concepts and techniques presented in the text.
1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Linda Webb (Florida Atlantic University).
2. Externalizing Behavior Disorders: Supporting Students with Aggression and Violent Tendencies, Kerry B. Bernes (University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada), Jennifer I. Bernes (Registered Psychologist), and Angela D. Bardick (Registered Psychologist).
3. Internalizing Behavior Disorders; Supporting Students with Depression, Anxiety, and Self-injurious Behavior, Christopher Sink (Seattle Pacific University).
4. Eating Disorders, Obesity, and Body Image Concerns, Angela D. Bardick (Registered Psychologist), Shelly Russell-Mayhew (University of Calgary), Kerry B. Bernes (University of Lethbridge), and Jennifer I. Bernes (Registered Psychologist).
5. Substance Abuse, Glenn W. Lambie (University of Central Florida).
6. Child Sexual Abuse, Carol Stone (University of North Florida).
7. Severe Acting Out Behavior: A Family Intervention Approach, Keith Davis (Appalachian State University).
8. Suicide Issues, Jill Packman (University of Nevada, Reno) and Catey Barber (O'Brien Middle School, Reno, NV).
9. Learning Disabilities, Glenn W. Lambie, Kara P. Ieva, Stacy Van Horn, Jonathan H. Ohrt, Sally Lewis, and B. Grant Hayes, University of Central Florida.
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