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Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies 8th Edition

Michelle Blesi

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Standalone Digital Access — Ultimate Value

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MEDICAL ASSISTING: ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLINICAL COMPETENCIES prepares readers for career success and gives them an edge in today's competitive marketplace. Readers develop the critical cognitive (knowledge base), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behaviors) competencies that entry-level medical assistants need to succeed. Featuring content aligned and mapped to current ABHES standards and newly approved 2015 CAAHEP standards, the eighth edition also includes the latest information on nutrition, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and ICD-10. Electronic health records are updated throughout, and new material highlights personal growth topics such as professionalism, teamwork, and time management.

Michelle Blesi, Century College

Michelle Blesi is a Certified Medical Assistant with 14 years of industry experience, who worked in the family practice area for 10 years, emphasizing clinical and laboratory skills. She then changed her focus to leadership, working as a lead in the Nursing/Lab department and as a Clinical Manager. She has a diploma in Medical Assisting and is certified through the AAMA. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology, and completed the TES (Teacher Education Series) courses in spring 2005 at the University of Minnesota. Coursework included Introduction to Vocational Teaching, Course Development, Instructional Methods, Philosophy and Student Training and Assessment. A Program Director and Unlimited Full Time Faculty member in the Medical Assistant Department at Century since 2001, Michelle enjoys bringing her career experience into the classroom and making a difference in students' lives. In addition to being Program Director, she teaches both Clinical and Laboratory courses, a Medical Assistant Refresher Course through CECT, and Administrative Procedures for Medical Assistants, both traditional and online. Additionally, she is the practicum coordinator and oversees the clinical externships for the program. In addition to being the lead author for both the Seventh and Eighth Editions of MEDICAL ASSISTING: ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLINICAL COMPETENCIES, Michelle has contributed to many other Cengage projects including being the SME for the CTC 3.0, completing multiple reviewer projects and test bank completions. Amongst Michelle’s accomplishments: Board of Trustees; Outstanding Educator Award 2012; Golden Apple Award 2010; Exemplary Faculty Member 2007

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  • Check Your Knowledge quizzes at the end of each chapter allow learners to assess their understanding of the material. Questions are presented in the style of certification exams so readers can gain familiarity with the exam format and increase their confidence when preparing for certification.
  • Provides a strong foundation in essential medical knowledge by providing a thorough introduction to anatomy and physiology including medical terminology, diagnostic tests, diseases and disorders, and treatments as well as feature boxes highlighting body systems throughout the lifespan and exploring their interrelationships with other systems.
  • Extensive color photos, illustrations, charts, and tables help bring chapter contents to life and make important concepts easier to understand and apply for visual learners.
  • Patient Education boxes throughout the text draw students’ attention to important issues to discuss with patients before and during tests and examinations, while Clinical Pearl boxes offer real-world perspectives to complement the readings.

Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies


Unit 1: Health Care Roles and Responsibilities.
1. The Medical Assistant.
2. The Health Care Team and the Medical Environment, Past and Present.
Unit 2: Medical Law and Ethics.
3. Legal Issues.
4. Ethical Issues.
Unit 3: Professional Communications.
5. Verbal and Nonverbal Communications.
6. Applying Communication Skills.
Unit 4: Medical Terminology.
7. Introduction to Medical Terminology.
8. Understanding and Building Medical Terms of Body Systems.
Unit 5: Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body.
9. Anatomic Descriptors and Fundamental Body Structure.
10. The Nervous System.
11. The Senses.
12. The Integumentary System.
13. The Skeletal System.
14. The Muscular System.
15. The Respiratory System.
16. The Circulatory System.
17. The Immune System.
18. The Digestive System.
19. The Urinary System.
20. The Endocrine System.
21. The Reproductive System.
Unit 6: Business Communications.
22. Telephone Communications.
23. Written Communications.
24. The Office Environment, Computers, and Equipment.
Unit 7: Beginning the Patient’s Record.
25. Scheduling Appointments and Receiving Patients.
26. The Medical Record, Documentation, and Filing.
Unit 8: Medical Insurance and Coding.
27. Health Insurance.
28. Procedural and Diagnostic Coding.
Unit 9: Billing and Payment for Medical Services.
29. Patient Accounts.
30. Preparing Insurance Claims and Posting Insurance Payments.
31. Patient Billing, Posting Patient Payments, and Collecting Fees.
Unit 10: Banking and Accounting Procedures.
32. Banking Procedures.
33. Accounts Payable and Accounting Procedures.
Unit 11: Preparing for Clinical Procedures.
34. Infection Control and Medical Asepsis.
35. The Medical History and Patient Screening.
36. Body Measurements and Vital Signs.
37. Preparing for Examinations.
Unit 12: Assisting with Examinations.
38. The Physical Exam.
39. Specialty Examinations and Procedures.
40. OB/GYN Examinations.
41. Pediatric Examinations.
Unit 13: Laboratory Procedures.
42. The Physician’s Office Laboratory.
43. Specimen Collection and Processing.
44. Blood Specimen Collection.
45. Diagnostic Testing.
Unit 14: Cardiology and Radiology Procedures.
46. Cardiology Procedures.
47. Radiology Procedures.
Unit 15: Minor Surgical Procedures.
48. Preparing for Surgery.
49. Assisting with Minor Surgery.
Unit 16: Medication Administration Procedures.
50. Pharmacology Fundamentals.
51. Measurement Systems, Basic Mathematics, and Dosage Calculations.
52. Administering Oral and Non-Injectable Medications.
53. Administering Injections and Immunizations.
Unit 17: First Aid and Responding to Emergencies.
54. Emergencies in the Medical Office and Community.
55. First Aid for Accidents and Injuries.
Unit 18: Rehabilitation and Healthy Living.
56. Rehabilitation.
57. Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Living.
Unit 19: Workplace Readiness.
58. Practicum and the Job Search.
59. Managing the Office.

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Student Workbook

ISBN: 9781305110854
The student workbook is design to help you retain key chapter content. Included within this resource are chapter objective questions; key-term definition queries; and multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-or-false problems.