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Major Problems in the History of the American West 2nd Edition

Clyde A. Milner II, Anne M. Butler, David Rich Lewis

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1989
  • 576 Pages


This unique collection of essays and documents brings to life the major topics in American western and frontier history from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

Clyde A. Milner II, Utah State University

Anne M. Butler, Utah State University

David Rich Lewis, Utah State University

1. Defining the West and Its History
Frederick Jackson Turner, The Significance of the Frontier in American History (1894) and The Problem of the West (1896)
Walter Prescott Webb, The Great Plains (1931)
Patricia Nelson Limerick, The Legacy of Conquest (1987) and What on Earth Is the New Western History (1991)
William Cronon, Revisiting the Vanishing Frontier: The Legacy of Frederick Jackson Turner (1987)
Donald Worster, New West, True West: Interpreting the Region''s History (1987)
Walter Nugent, Where Is the American West? Report on a Survey
Clyde A. Milner II, America Only More So
2. Spanish Borderlands and Native Homelands
Don Luís de Velasco''s Manifest, 1597
Nicolás de Aguilar''s Worldly Goods, 1663
The Count of Paredes'' Report on the Pueblo Indians'' Revolt, 1681
Pedro Naranjo''s Testimony, 1681
Bishop Tamarón Visits Santa Fe and Taos, 1760
Father Junípero Serra Asks Viceroy Antonio Bucareli for Leniency for the Indians, 1775
Ramon A. Gutierrez, Honor and Marriage in New Mexico
Albert L. Hurtado, Sexuality in California''s Franciscan Missions
3. Cultural Contacts and Contracts
Buckskin Charlie on Southern Ute Creation, Recorded 1912
Chippewa Contact Narrative, Recorded 1855
Wolf Calf (Piegan) on the Appearance of Horses, Recorded 1895
Francis Chardon on the Destruction of the Arikaras and Mandans by Smallpox, 1837
George Ruxton on Life Among the Trappers, and the Trappers'' View of Women, 1847-1849
Sylvia Van Kirk, Native Women in Canadian Fur Trade Society
Dan Flores, Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy
4. Federal Support of Explorers and Emigrants
Meriwether Lewis at the Great Falls of the Missouri, 1805
The Stephen Long Expedition''s Report of a Frontier Barrier, 1821
George Gibbs with the Mounted Riflemen Observes Emigrants on the Overland Trails, 1849
Impressions of the Overland Journey from Vincent Geiger and Wakeman Bryarly, 1849
The Overland Trails: Three Tables of Statistics
William H. Goetzmann, From the Northwest Passage to the "Great Reconnaissance"
John D. Unruh, Jr., The Federal Government''s Aid to Overland Emigrants
5. The Legacy of Acquisition
Mexican General Mariano Arista''s Advice to the Soldiers of the U.S. Army, 1846
Anastasio Parrode, Commander-in-Chief of the Department of Tamaulipas, to His Troops, 1846
Charles DeMorse Gives a Texan''s View of the War with Mexico, 1846
John C. Calhoun on Incorporating Mexico, 1848
John A. Dix on Expansion and Mexican Lands, 1848
Queen Liliuokalani''s Statement at Her Trial for Treason, 1895
From Haunani-Kay Trask, a Native Daughter in Colony Hawai`i, 1993
Thomas R. Hietala, The Myths of Manifest Destiny
John Whitehead, Hawaii: The First and Last Far West?
6. Cowboys, Outlaws, and Violence
The Death of Jesse James, 1882
Granville Stuart Recalls Rustlers and Vigilantes, 1883-1884
Helen Wiser Stewart Writes of Her Husband''s Murder, 1884
Theodore Roosevelt Describes Cowboy-Land, 1893
An Arkansas Newspaper on the Killing of Bill Dalton, 1894
Robert R. Dykstra, The Cattle Towns Adjust to Violence (with a Postscript)
Richard White, Outlaw Gangs and Social Bandits
7. Children, Marriage, and Families
Photo Documents
David Hilton Homestead, Custer County, Nebraska, 1887
Ira Watson House, Custer County, Nebraska, 1886
Stewart Family in Spokane, Washington, 1889
Alice Jasperson, Goshen, Utah, Sewing a Flag, c. 1917
Lincoln J. Smith and Margaret E. Breeden Smith with Their Children in California, date unknown
A Chinese Family in California, date unknown
Joseph F. Smith and His Polygamous Family in Utah, c. 1900
Chipeta and Her Family in Dragon, Utah, 1907
Elliott West, Children and the Frontier
Paula Petrik, Not a Love Story: Bordeaux v. Bordeaux
8. Contested Reforms
Sir Richard Burton Examines Mormon Polygamy, 1860
Helen Mar Whitney Defends Plural Marriage, 1884
"Brigham, Brigham Young," An Anti-Mormon Folk Song, Collected in 1932
Testimony of Anti-Chinese Witnesses, 1876
Augustus Layres Endorses Chinese Immigrants, 1877
A Poetic Expression of the Chinese Perspective, c. 1885
Carrie Chapman Catt Encourages Idaho Suffragists, 1896
Newspaper Account of Idaho Suffrage Vote, 1896
Carol Cornwall Madsen, Utah Law and the Plural Wives, 1850-1900
Margaret K. Holden, Gender, Protest, and the Anti-Chinese Movement
9. Railroad and Mining Labor
Albert D. Richardson on Building the Transcontinental Railroad, 1865
William A. Bell Describes the Engineering of the Railroad, 1867
Excerpts from the Annals of the Daughters of Charity at Virginia City, Nevada, c. 1875
Chinese Accounts of the Killings at Rock Springs, 1885
Frank A. Crampton on the Ludlow Massacre, 1914
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn''s IWW Call to Women, 1915
W. Thomas White, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Northwest Railroad Work Force, 1893-1912
Gunther Peck, "Old" Radicals and "New" Immigrants in Bingham, Utah, 1905-1912
10. Living on the Land, Leaving the Land
Northern Ute Allotment, 1903
John-Stands-in-Timber and Ella C. Deloria Recall the Early Days of Reservation Farming, 1877-1900
Martin Charlot and the Futility of Flathead-Salish Farming, 1890-1920
Jorgen and Otto Jorgensen Remember the Decision to Homestead in Montana, 1906
Elinore Stewart Advocates Homesteading for Women, 1913
The Bell Family Tries Dry Farming, 1911-1923
David Rich Lewis, Farming and the Northern Ute Experience
Gilbert C. Fite, A Family Farm Chronicle
11. Dam Water, Damn Dust
John Wesley Powell on Reclamation of the Arid Lands, 1878
William E. Smythe and the Conquest of Arid America, 1900
The Reclamation Act, 1902
Building Hoover Dam, 1929-1935
Caroline A. Henderson''s Letter from the Dust Bowl, 1935
The Plow That Broke the Plains: A Synopsis, 1936
Hugh Hammond Bennett on Soil Conservation, 1939
Wallace Stegner, Striking the Rock
Donald Worster, The Black Blizzards Roll In
12. The Other Western Homefront
Roger Daniels''s Quantitative Note on the Forced Migrations of Japanese Americans, 1942-1946
Yoshiko Uchida, A Desert Exile, 1942
Voices from the Unknown Internment, 1942
Flore Lekanof, Sr., on the Aleut Evacuation, 1942
Charles M. Smith on Farm Workers from Mexico, 1943
Daniel L. Schorr on "Reconverting" Mexican Americans, 1946
Terrence M. Cole, Jim Crow in Alaska
Erasmo Gamboa, Bracero Laborers in the Pacific Northwest
13. New Cities, New Lives
Photo Documents
Second Street Cable Railway, Looking West, 1888
Jawbone Siphon Construction Site, c. 1910
Construction of the Harbor Freeway, 1956
Disneyland, 1955
Disneyland, 1967
Burning Building in Watts Uprising, 1965
A Korean American Stands Guard During the Los Angeles Riots, 1992
Dodger Stadium, 1962
Quintard Taylor, Blacks and Asians in a White City
Carl Abbott, The Urban West and the Twenty-First Century
14. Owning the West
Report of the Committee on the Conservation and Administration of the Public Domain, 1931
Utah Governor George Dern Responds to the Public Lands Debate, 1932
Two Reports from Nevada on the Sagebrush Rebellion, 1979
James Coates Asks, Is the Sagebrush Rebellion Dead? 1986
West''s Rebels Take Fight to the Feds, 1995
Four Editorial Cartoons
R. McGreggor Cawley, The Sagebrush Rebellion and Environmental Politics
Bruce Babbitt, Public Use and the Future of the Federal Lands
15. Imagining the West
John Wayne Receives a Congressional Gold Medal, 1979
The Duke: "More Than Just a Hero," 1979
High Country News Looks at the Easterner, 1994
A Visit with Ralph Lauren, 1988
The Devil and Dennis Quaid, 1989
The West and Its Newcomers, 1993
The Last Showdown, 1995
Julian Crandall Hollick, The American West in the European Imagination
Anne M. Butler, Selling the Popular Myth