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Major Problems in American History, Volume I 4th Edition

Elizabeth Cobbs, Edward J. Blum, Jon Gjerde

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2012
  • 480 Pages
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Designed to encourage critical thinking about history, the MAJOR PROBLEMS IN AMERICAN HISTORY series introduces students to both primary sources and analytical essays on important topics in U.S. history. This collection serves as the primary anthology for the introductory survey course, covering the subject’s entire chronological span. Comprehensive topical coverage includes politics, economics, labor, gender, culture, and social trends. The fourth edition has been revised to reflect two new historiographical trends: the emergence of the history of religion as an exceptionally lively field and the internationalization of American history. Several chapters include images, songs, and poems to give students a better “feel” for the time period and events under discussion. Key pedagogical elements of the Major Problems format have been retained: 15 to 16 chapters per volume, chapter introductions, headnotes, and suggested readings.

Elizabeth Cobbs, San Diego State University

Elizabeth Cobbs, Professor and Dwight E. Stanford Chair in American Foreign Relations at San Diego State University, has won literary prizes for both history and fiction: the Allan Nevins Prize, Stuart Bernath Book Prize, San Diego Book Award, and Director’s Mention for the Langum Prize in American Historical Fiction. Her books include AMERICAN UMPIRE (2013), BROKEN PROMISES; A NOVEL OF THE CIVIL WAR (2011), ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: THE PEACE CORPS AND THE 1960s (2000), and THE RICH NEIGHBOR POLICY (1992). She has served on the jury for the Pulitzer Prize in History and on the Historical Advisory Committee of the U.S. State Department. She has received awards and fellowships from the Fulbright Commission; Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Organization of American States; American Philosophical Society; Rockefeller Foundation, and other distinguished institutions. Her essays have been published in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, China Daily News, National Public Radio, Washington Independent, San Diego Union, and Reuters. Her current project is a history of women soldiers in World War One.

Edward J. Blum, San Diego State University

Edward J. Blum is a Professor of History at San Diego State University. A scholar of religion and race, he is the co-author of THE COLOR OF CHRIST: THE SON OF GOD AND THE SAGA OF RACE IN AMERICA (2012) and the author of W. E. B. DU BOIS, AMERICAN PROPHET (2007) and REFORGING THE WHITE REPUBLIC: RACE, RELIGION, AND AMERICAN NATIONALISM, 1865–1898 (2005). An award-winning author and teacher, Blum is currently at work on a project that explores issues of radical evil during the era of the Civil War. Blum has been a fellow with the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University and with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Jon Gjerde, University of California, Berkeley

Jon Gjerde died in October 2008. He was Alexander F. and May T. Morrison professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1982. His areas of expertise included nineteenth-century America with particular reference to immigration and religion, and he published some thirty articles on these subjects. He also published FROM PEASANTS TO FARMERS: THE MIGRATION FROM BALESTRAND, NORWAY, TO THE UPPER MIDDLE WEST (1985) and THE MINDS OF THE WEST: THE ETHNOCULTURAL EVOLUTION OF THE RURAL MIDDLE WEST, 1830-1917 (1997), both of which won the Theodore Saloutos Memorial Book Award of the Immigration History Society for the best book in agricultural history.
  • The fourth edition has been revised to reflect two new historiographical trends: the emergence of the history of religion as an exceptionally lively field and the internationalization of American history.
  • To execute the biggest change in this edition, the shift to “America in the world,” the authors include at least one document in nearly every chapter that reflects globalization: the ways that the perspectives of people in other parts of the world affected the United States. These documents and essays also highlight the connections between American and world trends. Examples include Venezuela Declares Independence, 1810 (Ch. 4); James McCune Smith Applauds the British and French for Ending of Slavery, 1838 (Ch. 10); and Feuille du Commerce Eulogizes John Brown, January 21, 1860 (Ch. 13).
  • Although this edition retains many documents and essays that instructors say worked well in their survey courses, each chapter has also been updated to reflect the latest scholarship and to replace excerpts that instructors found difficult to use.
  • The inclusion of both primary and secondary sources in a single collection provides a rich analytical experience for students. The primary sources give students evidence to explore; the secondary sources expose students to key historical debates. Often the secondary essays refer to one of the primary documents, so students can see how historians integrate evidence in an interpretation.
  • An introduction -- “How to Read Primary and Secondary Sources” -- helps students distinguish types of sources and teaches them how to read and interpret critically.
  • A Further Reading section provides students with a wealth of classic and cutting-edge scholarship that relates to key themes in each chapter.
1. Old Worlds Make New Ones.
2. Colonial Settlements and Conflicts, 1600–1690.
3. British Colonial Development, 1690–1770.
4. The American Revolution.
5. From Confederation to Constitution.
6. Nation Among Nations.
7. Foreign Policy, Westward Movement, and Indian Removal.
8. Market and Transportation Revolutions.
9. Nationalism and Sectionalism.
10. Reform and Religion.
11. Commercial Development and Immigration.
12. Agriculture and Slavery in the South.
13. Toward Civil War.
14. Civil War.
15. Reconstruction.
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