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This text systematically develops the aural, vocal, and rhythmic skills of all music majors. Emphasizing analytical thinking over rote drill, the text enriches traditional exercises in singing and dictation with a variety of innovative lessons that enhance individual musical skills.

David A. Damschroder, University of Minnesota

David Damschroder teaches music theory at the University of Minnesota. He is author of LISTEN AND SING (Schirmer) and the forthcoming AN ESSAY ON HARMONIC ANALYSIS.
1. Major Triad; Major Third; Perfect Fifth; Key of C Major; Treble Clef; Passing Note; 4/4 Meter; Quarter Note; Half Note; Whole Note.
2. Perfect Fourth; Perfect Octave; Dominant; Roman Numerals; Key of G Major; Key of F Major; 2/4 Meter; 3/4 Meter; Dotted Half Note.
3. Major Scale; Subdominant; Neighboring Note; Minor Second; Major Second; Key of D Major; Key of Bb Major; Tie; Quarter Rest; Half Rest; Whole Rest.
4. Bass Clef; System; Chord; Simple and Compound Intervals; Root Position; 5/8 Position; Key of A Major; Key of Eb Major; Eighth Note.
5. Key of A Minor; Minor Third; Relative Keys; Natural Minor Scale; Parallel Keys; Subtonic; Leading Tone; Downbeat; Upbeat.
6. Harmonic Minor Scale; Augmented Second; Melodic Minor Scale; Key of E Minor; Key of D Minor; Eighth Rest; Dotted Quarter Note.
7. Minor Seventh; Major-Minor Seventh Chord; Diminished Fifth; Augmented Fourth; Cadence (Full, Half); Phrase (Antecedent, Consequent); Period; Key of B Minor; Key of G Minor; 6/8 Meter.
8. First Inversion; 6/8 Position; Minor Sixth; Key of F# Minor; Key of C Minor; Sixteenth Note.
9. Major Sixth; Key of E Major; Key of C# Minor; Key of Ab Major; Key of F Minor; Sixteenth Rest; Dotted Eighth Note and Rest.
10. Leading-Tone Triad; Key of B Major; Key of G# Minor; Key of Db Major; Key of Bb Minor; 2/2 Meter.
11. Supertonic; Submediant; Key of F# Major; Key of D# Minor; Key of Gb Major; Key of Eb Minor; Syncopation.
12. Cadential 6/4 Chord; Deceptive and Plagal Cadences; Anticipation; Key of C# Major; Key of A# Minor, Key of Cb Major, Key of Ab Minor; Alto Clef; 9/8 and 12/8 Meters; Dotted Quarter and Half Rests.
13. 6/5/3 Position; Chromatic Passing Note; 6/4 Meter; Dotted Whole Note.
14. Major Seventh; Major Seventh Chord; Minor Seventh Chord; Half-Diminished Seventh Chord; Chromatic Neighboring Note; Triplet.
15. Applied Dominant; Applied Leading-Tone Chord; Tonicization; Modulation; Pivot Chord; 3/8 Meter.
16. 6/4/2 Position; Consonant 6/4 Chord; 3/2 Meter; Double Whole Note and Rest.
17. Mediant Chord; Subtonic Chord; Descending Fifths Sequence; Descending 5-6 Sequence; Thirty-second Note.
18. 6/4/3 Position; Ascending 5-6 Sequence; Ascending Fifths Sequence; Tenor Clef; Thirty-second Rest; Dotted Sixteenth Note and Rest.
19. Passing Chord; Neighboring Chord; Voice Exchange; Pedal Point; Double Dotting. 20. Modal Mixture; Picardy Third; Diminished Seventh Chord; Partial-Beat Triplet.
21. 9-8 Suspension; Minor and Major Ninths; Multiple-Beat Triplet.
22. Minor and Major Tenths; Perfect and Augmented Elevenths; 4-3 Suspension; 2-3 Bass Suspension; Three against Two.
23. Diminished and Perfect Twelfths; Minor and Major Thirteenths; 5-4 Suspension; 6-5 Suspension; Hemiola; Shift of Meter.
24. Ninth Chord; Eleventh Chord; Thirteenth Chord; Diminished, Minor, and Major Fourteenths; 7-6 Suspension; Duplet.
25. Neapolitan Chord; Perfect Fifteenth; 7-8 Suspension; Multiple Suspension; Sixty-fourth Note; Dotted Thirty-second Note.
26. Augmented Sixth Chord; Chromaticized Sequence; Less Common Meters; Quintuplet.
Appendix: Solmization Systems.