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iLrn Language Learning Center for Liaisons: An Introduction to French 2nd Edition

Wynne Wong, Stacey Weber-Fève, Edouard Ousselin, Bill VanPatten

  • Published
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Wynne Wong, Ohio State University

Wynne Wong is Professor of French and Director of French Language Instruction at the Ohio State University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on second language acquisition and Quebec cultural studies, and is responsible for graduate teaching associate training. In addition to publishing in different areas of second language acquisition, she is known for her research in French on Processing Instruction and structured input, and for her award-winning article (with B. VanPatten) "The Evidence is IN: Drills are OUT" (Foreign Language Annals, 2003), winner of the 2005 Stephen A. Freeman Award. Dedicated to building bridges between theory and practice, she is also the lead author of the textbook LIAISONS (Cengage, 2013, 2017) as well as INPUT ENHANCEMENT: FROM THEORY AND RESEARCH TO THE CLASSROOM (McGraw-Hill, 2005) and FOCUSING ON FORM IN LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION (with D. Simard, Routledge, 2015).

Stacey Weber-Fève, Iowa State University

Stacey Weber-Fève is Associate Professor of French at Iowa State University. She is a specialist of French cinema and has published books and articles on women's filmmaking and life writing and is currently researching French cinematic comedy and several French stars of comedy films. An award-winning teacher dedicated to "bridging the gap" between "language teachers" and "literature professors," she has also published and presented on the teaching of the French language, culture, literature, and film through integrated approaches and input-to-output processes at all levels of the foreign language curriculum, including advanced levels. She is co-author of the textbook LIAISONS and the recipient of the Nelson Brooks award (2015) given by ACTFL for excellence in the teaching of culture.

Edouard Ousselin, Western Washington

Edward Ousselin is Professor of French at Western Washington University. His main research interests are in French film and cultural studies. He is currently serving as editor in chief of THE FRENCH REVIEW.

Bill VanPatten, Michigan State University

Bill VanPatten is Professor of Second Language Studies at Michigan State University where he also directs the Spanish and French language programs. An international scholar with numerous awards for research, leadership, and teaching, Professor VanPatten is known not only for his work on theory and research in second language acquisition but also for the implications of second language research for language teaching.
iLrn Language Learning Center
Each iLrn product offers includes an audio-enhanced eBook with interactive activities, companion videos, diagnostic activities, and access to tutoring services.

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  • ISBN-10: 1305635442
  • ISBN-13: 9781305635449
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $149.00
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White Papers, Case Studies, Success Stories

iLrn™ Facilitates Online Language Learning at Mississippi State University

Students Communicate Online, Just as They Would in Class Using iLrn™

iLrn™ and Conectados Showcase the Power of Online Language-Learning

iLrn™ Meets Students in Their Digital World

iLrn™ Gives Spanish Students the Grounding They Need in Grammar, Culture, and Communication

iLrn™’s structure and online layout make it easy for students to receive guidance as they learn and practice.

iLrn™ Accommodates Diverse Teaching Styles at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Voice-Enabled Activities Reinforce Language Skills Outside of Class

iLrn Instructor Testimonial: Jennifer Rogers

Hear how Jennifer Rogers of Metropolitan Community College uses iLrn to reduce student anxiety around learning a foreign language.

“iLrn fosters independence. It has enabled me to meet the demand for additional online sections, without getting bogged down in email.”

“I don’t think I would teach this class without iLrn.”

“iLrn compels students to engage with the work, which is what I want to see with online student so they aren’t just staring at the screen. iLrn made me realize how important a good online language learning system is to teaching effectively online.”

“An important benefit is my students can get instant feedback [from iLrn assignments]. They know right away if they got something wrong instead of waiting for a lag time.”

“My favorite thing is all of the activities. I love the gap activities, the students LOVE the charades, and there is a huge variety of activities from which to choose. The students love it too. They can get deeper into concepts because they have a lot of different ways to learn them.”