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Leadership, Advocacy, and Direct Service Strategies for Professional School Counselors 1st Edition

Rachelle Pérusse, Gary E. Goodnough

  • Published
  • 352 Pages


This book is designed to help school counseling students envision how a comprehensive developmental program flows from a review of the literature. Once they see several examples of how to implement a prevention/intervention program in a school system, students could then use the book as a model to develop their own prevention/intervention strategies based on the literature and current thought in the field. In each of the chapters, experts in the school counseling field provide details on how school counselors can transform theory and school counseling literature into workable plans within the context of the National Model for School Counseling Programs, the National Standards for School Counseling Programs, and the Transforming School Counseling Initiative.

Rachelle Pérusse, Plattsburgh State University, New York

Rachelle Pérusse is an assistant professor and the school counseling coordinator in the counselor education department at Plattsburgh State University in Plattsburgh, NY. She received a Ph.D. in counselor education from Virginia Tech and an M.Ed. in guidance and counseling from The University of Georgia. Dr. Pérusse has been a professional school counselor and is a member of several professional associations. She regularly presents at national and regional conferences, and is actively engaged in research about current school counseling issues. Dr. Pérusse is a MetLife Fellow with the MetLife Foundation National Counselor Training Initiative, and a member of the executive board of the New York State School Counselor Association.

Gary E. Goodnough, Plymouth State University

Gary E. Goodnough is an associate professor and coordinator of the counselor education program at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Dr. Goodnough has worked in public schools as a teacher, school counselor, and director of guidance. A National Certified Counselor since 1992, and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, he also provides direct services to undergraduate students at the Counseling and Human Relations Center at Plymouth State. Dr. Goodnough is a member of the executive board of the New Hampshire School Counselor Association and he publishes and presents regularly on issues related to the school counseling profession.
1. School Counseling and Academic Achievement (Peggy LaTurno Hines, Indiana State University and Teesue H. Fields, Indiana University Southeast).
2. Improving Academic Achievement Through An Understanding of Learning Styles (Bradley T. Erford, Cheryl Moore-Thomas, and Shelley A. Mazzuca, Loyola College in Maryland).
3. Investigating the World of Work (Susan Sears, The Ohio State University).
4. Fostering Positive Career Development in Children and Adolescents (Spencer G. Niles and Jerry Trusty, The Pennsylvania State University, and Natasha Mitchell, University of Maryland).
5. Equity, Access, and Career Development: Contextual Conflicts (Mary Jackson and Dale Grant, Georgia Southern University).
Part II:
6. Respecting Differences: Racial and Ethnic Groups (Deryl F. Bailey, The University of Georgia and Mary Bradbury-Bailey, Cedar Shoals High School, Athens, GA).
7. Leadership and Advocacy for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered, and Questioning (LBGTQ) Students: Academic, Career, and Interpersonal Success Strategies (Shannon D. Smith, University of Akron, and Stuart F. Chen-Hayes, Lehman College/ City University of New York).
8. Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution Education In the Schools (Vivian V. Ripley, Old Dominion University).
9. Loss and Grief in the School Setting (Susan Norris Huss, Bowling Green State University).
10. Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse: The School Counselor's Role (J. Kelly Coker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas).
11. Stress Management: The School Counselor's Role (Vicki Brooks. Lewis and Clark College).
12. School Counselors as Leaders and Advocates In Addressing Sexual Harassment (Carolyn B. Stone, University of North Florida).