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MindTap Keyboarding for Keyboarding and Word Processing Complete Course Lessons 1-110: Microsoft® Word 2016 20th Edition

Susie H. Vanhuss, Connie M. Forde, Donna L. Woo, Vicki Robertson

  • Available July 2018


MindTap® for Keyboarding and Word Processing, Complete Course, Lessons 1-110: Microsoft® Word 2016: College Keyboarding is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course—to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap. MindTap: Powered by You. MindTap integrates keyboarding, word processing, document formatting and design, and communication skills as students complete projects in a realistic office environment. Students use Word 2016 to create advanced business correspondence, tables, reports, mail merge files, graphics, and other documents. Modular and comprehensive projects prepare students to be productive in careers. Combine MindTap with Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) online learning and testing tool.

Susie H. Vanhuss, University of South Carolina (retired)

Dr. Susie H. VanHuss is a distinguished professor emeritus of the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. She received her B.S. degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and her M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Indiana University. Her teaching specialties include business communications, administrative systems, and personnel management. She is a prolific author (Cengage Learning), with textbooks in communications, keyboarding and word processing, office technology, and administrative management. Dr. VanHuss has experience managing large foundations and has served on the board of trustees of numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations. She is a frequent speaker at state, regional, and national business education conventions and has done extensive consulting and training for industry and education groups nationally and internationally.

Connie M. Forde, Mississippi State University

Dr. Connie M. Forde is a full professor and head of the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development at Mississippi State University, where she leads undergraduate programs in information technology services, business technology teacher education, and industrial technology, as well as graduate programs in instructional technology. Dr. Forde also continues to advise doctoral students on their dissertation research. Prior to her tenure at Mississippi State University, she was a business teacher at both the community college and secondary levels. She earned her B.S. and M.Ed. degrees in business education from the University of Southern Mississippi and her Ph.D. in higher education from the University of Mississippi. Dr. Forde serves as coauthor of the COLLEGE KEYBOARDING series and a variety of word processing and integrated applications textbooks and simulations. She is a recognized contributor to the professional literature and a speaker at state, regional, and national conferences. Additionally, she has served as president of the National Business Education Association, Southern Business Education Association, and National Council of Pi Omega Pi, and chair of the Foundation for the Future of Business Education.

Donna L. Woo, Cypress College, California

Donna L. Woo is an instructor and department coordinator for Information Systems/Office Automation at Cypress College and associate director of education at Pacific College. She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in business education from Michigan State University and earned her Ed.D. from Nova University. Her industry experience includes work for both IBM and General Motors. A respected author, Dr. Woo has written several word processing textbooks and has served as a coauthor on several editions of South-Western COLLEGE KEYBOARDING textbooks.

Vicki Robertson, Southwest Tennessee Community College

Vicki Robertson received her M.S. and B.S. degrees in education from the University of Memphis. She currently teaches at the University of Memphis and online for Southwest Community College. She is a member of the National Business Education Association and Southern Business Education Association, and she has served on the executive board for the Tennessee Business Education Association.
  • The text includes up-to-date coverage of Microsoft® Word 2016 and Windows® 10, giving students exposure to current versions of essential software, along with a greater emphasis on critical productivity commands and decreased attention to less frequently used options.
  • Skills Assessment Manager (SAM), an interactive, online learning and testing tool, is now available for use in conjunction with the printed text, giving you access to powerful teaching and course management capabilities while allowing students to work independently when and where they like.
  • Skill Builders now include new standard plans for using timed writings, building speed, and improving accuracy; updated instructions in drills and timed writings enable students to apply these plans and gain hands-on, practical experience.
  • Coverage of new features in Windows® 10 and Microsoft® Word 2016, including Save to Cloud, Share, and co-authoring in real time.
  • Graphics modules now incorporate online pictures and videos to bring the content to life, while Communicating Today features highlight important industry trends and their relation to productivity tools found in Microsoft® Word 2016.
  • Fifteen projects conclude key module, giving students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to realistic workplace scenarios, while three comprehensive projects integrate critical thinking, document formatting, and word processing skills.
  • Encompassing everything students need to communicate successfully in today’s digital workplaces, this comprehensive text covers keyboarding, word processing (essential and advanced), formatting and design of various office and professional documents, and professional communication skills.
  • The authors employ a proven, pedagogically sound approach to teach word processing and document formatting using five steps: Locate and learn commands (Ribbon path), Execute commands (step-by-step directions and screenshots), Apply new commands (short drills), Integrate document design, and Reinforce commands and formats in realistic projects.
  • With a research-based, pedagogically sound approach to teaching keyboarding and skill building, the text includes a standard plan for learning new key reaches, carefully written drills to build fluency and strengthen key reaches, and supplemental drills and timed writings to strengthen and refine keyboarding skills, as well as illustrations, photos, and tips to reinforce correct techniques.
  • An extensive Reference Guide covers grammatical rules and guidelines and includes a range of model documents, giving students consistent examples to use as a standard for their work. Communication activities, based on rules outlined in the Reference Guide, further reinforce essential business communication skills and prepare students for academic and job success.
1. Alphabetic Keys (L1-13).
2. Figure and Symbol Keys (L14-25).
3. Word 2016 Essentials (L26-31).
4. Memos and Letters (L32-37).
5. Tables (L38-42).
6. Reports (L43-49).
7. Graphics (L50-53).
8. Project 1: Palmetto Event Solutions, Inc. (L54-55).
9. Real-Time Co-Authoring on OneDrive.
10. Advanced Business Correspondence (L56-60).
11. Documents with Complex Tables and Graphics (L61-69).
12. Business Reports (L70-75).
13. Mail Merge (L76-80).
14. Project 2: Hess Pet Center I (L81-83).
15. Meeting, Travel, and News Documents (L84-88).
16. Human Resources/Employment Documents (L89-93).
17. Health and Medical Documents (94-98).
18. Legal Documents (L99-104).
19. Project 3: Hess Pet Center II (L105-107).
20. Real-Time Co-Authoring on OneDrive (L108-110).
Appendix A: Windows 10.
Appendix B: File Management.
Appendix C: Reference Guide.
Appendix D: Command Summary.

White Papers, Case Studies, Success Stories

Pass Rates Rise with MindTap® in Tech Course at Community College of Baltimore County

MindTap® is an online, personalized learning experience

Future Attorney Credits MindTap® for Time Management Skills & Better Grade

MindTap® Helps Reduce Pressure New College Students Experience

Student Athlete Challenged with Managing Time and Commitments In and Out of the Classroom

MindTap® Saves Time and Improves Student Test Preparation

MindTap® Saves Instructor Time

MindTap® improves the complete student experience

MindTap Instructors Speak on a Streamlined Workflow - Jonathan

Instructor Jonathan Varhola from Wright State University talks about how MindTap helps him streamline his workflow.

“Being able to customize MindTap makes it perfect for us and gives students the tools they need to succeed. I think overall it definitely helps boost student success.”

“One of the best features is the single sign-on through Blackboard. The entire course is in Blackboard with links to MindTap. Students no longer have to go to two different places. One location. One sign-on. Grades are pulled right into the gradebook in Blackboard.”

“I was awed because so many of my students earned an ‘A’ or ‘A-’ on the final exam. And students gave the MindTap intro class higher ratings than they gave my traditional intro class. I’m convinced that the higher course ratings and grades were, in large part, a result of students’ engagement.”

“MindTap definitely helped students be more prepared for lectures, because they engaged with the content before they came to class.”

"Once I started using MindTap I loved it. In fact, the students had so much success with it I actually expanded my pilot project, and I now use it in all of my classes."

"There is a clear connection between those who are doing very well in the class and those who are enrolled in MindTap. They are paying better attention to deadlines and planning better for their semester. Those using MindTap regularly are definitely more engaged."

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