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Java™ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design 5th Edition

D.S. Malik

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2010, 2008, 2006
  • 1088 Pages


Designed for a first Computer Science (CS1) Java course, JAVA PROGRAMMING: FROM PROBLEM ANALYSIS TO PROGRAM DESIGN 5e will motivate your students while building a cornerstone for the Computer Science curriculum. With a focus on your With a focus on your students' learning, this text approaches programming using the latest version of Java, and includes updated programming exercises and programs. The engaging and clear-cut writing style will help your students learn key concepts through concise explanations and practice in this complex and powerful language.

D.S. Malik, Creighton University

D.S. Malik is a Professor of Mathematics and the first recipient and current holder of The Frederick H. and Anna K. Scheerer Endowed Chair in Mathematics at Creighton University. Dr. Malik received his Ph.D. from Ohio University in 1985 and has published more than 50 papers and 18 books on abstract algebra, applied mathematics, graph theory, fuzzy automata theory and languages, fuzzy logic and its applications, programming, data structures, and discrete mathematics.
  • NEW: New debugging sections have been added, and many of the older ones have been rewritten. These sections are indicated with a debugging icon.
  • NEW: Contains more than 120 exercises, 25 new programming exercises, and numerous new examples spread throughout the book.
  • NEW: In Chapters 6 and 12 the GUI figures have been captured and replaced in Windows 7 Professional environment.
  • NEW: Appendix D contains screen images illustrating how to compile and execute a Java program using the command line statements as well how to set the path in Windows 7 Professional environment.
  • SAM Test bank available.
  • VISUAL DIAGRAMS: More than 240 visual diagrams help readers comprehension by clearly illustrating difficult concepts.
  • PROGRAMMING CODE WITH DESCRIPTIONS: Programming code used in examples is accompanied by a description of what each line in the code does, leading readers step-by-step through the programming process.
  • PROGRAMMING EXAMPLES: Extensive programming examples demonstrate the accurate, concrete stages of Input, Output, Program Analysis and Algorithm Design, and a Complete Program Listing, which challenge readers to write Java programs with a specified outcome.
1. An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages.
2. Basic Elements of Java.
3. Introduction to Objects and Input/Output.
4. Control Structures I: Selection.
5. Control Structures II: Repetition.
6. Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Object-Oriented Design (OOD).
7. User-Defined Methods.
8. User-Defined Classes.
9. Arrays.
10. Inheritance and Polymorphism.
11. Handling Exceptions and Events.
12. Advanced GUIs and Graphics.
13. Recursion.
14. Applications of Arrays (Searching and Sorting) and Strings.
A: Java Reserved Words.
B: Operator Precedence.
C: Character Sets.
D: Additional Java Topics.
E: Enumeration Types.
F: Answers to Odd Numbered Exercises.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133459854
  • ISBN-13: 9781133459859
  • STARTING AT $20.49

  • STARTING AT $37.99

  • ISBN-10: 111153053X
  • ISBN-13: 9781111530532
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $180.00
  • RETAIL $239.95

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Instructor Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781111571504
Now all instructor materials are available on one convenient and easy-to-use CD. Designed to help facilitate classroom instruction, this CD has instructor files unique to the textbook. All of these tools can help motivate students and enhance their knowledge and course appreciation. Please note that all supplements (with the exception of figure files) are also available for download on the Companion site for the text at