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Invitation to Human Communication - National Geographic 2nd Edition

Cindy Griffin | Jennifer Emerling Bone

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Working in partnership with National Geographic, INVITATION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION, 2nd Edition acknowledges the complexity of today's workplace, the power of communication, and the importance of equipping students with the foundational skills for success in this ever-changing environment. Chapters include case studies and tips from nationally recognized explorers, scientists, researchers, and activists; and features to help students understand the role of communication in the workplace. The second edition showcases the best of communication theories and practices, and explores how communication is central to carrying out work, developing professional and personal relationships with others, and sharing ideas with the larger public.

Cindy Griffin, Colorado State University

Doctor of Philosophy, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana; Master of Arts, University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon. Professor, Speech Communication, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorad since 1998. Author of INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING 4TH EDITION (Cengage).

Jennifer Emerling Bone, Colorado State University

Ph.D. in Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, 2007.Emphasis: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Political Communication, Feminist Theory. M.A., Speech Communication, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, 2000. Teaches communicaiton studies at Colorado State University.

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  • Throughout the text, cultural differences are noted and explained in accessible and respectful ways. The integration of the impact of culture on communication helps instructors address real-world challenges, dilemmas, and successes presented as people communicate across cultural differences.
  • Discussions of the myriad ways technology affects and changes what is known about communication theory and practices are presented in detail. An up-to-date presentation of communication and technology helps instructors keep pace with the ever-expanding network of communication options students face today.
  • Communication MindTap® for INVITATION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION links instructors and students to many of the National Geographic Explorers' social media accounts. As a result, instructors and students can communicate with the explorers featured in the text, ask them questions and/or follow these individuals as they carry out their jobs.
  • Chapters on public speaking are framed within the context entering the larger public dialogue. This emphasis assists instructors in teaching students important public speaking skills they will use when they enter the workplace.
  • INVITATION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 2e includes a strong emphasis on civility throughout. Chapter 4 (Language) and Chapter 5 (Listening) are key chapters for student enlightenment for personal growth.
  • MindTap® call-outs throughout the book direct students to videos that bring chapter concepts and communication theories to life.
  • The text's accessible and engaging writing style draws students into the communication theories and practices throughout each chapter as well as helps instructors teach these introductory theories.
  • Introducing students to the importance of ethical and civil communication, the text asks them to consider the moral impact of their communication choices and to be open to the different perspectives other people may have. This approach facilitates the teaching of introductory communication theories and helps instructors showcase the power and complexity of communication in today's global and increasingly interconnected world.

Invitation to Human Communication - National Geographic


Preface and Acknowledgements.
1. The Communication Process.
2. Communication, Perception, and the Self.
3. Nonverbal Communication.
4. Language.
5. Listening.
6. Understanding Interpersonal Communication.
7. Improving Interpersonal Communication and Relationships.
8. Foundations of Understanding Communication in Groups and Teams.
9. Communicating Effectively in Groups and Teams.
10. Developing Your Speech Topic and Purpose.
11. Gathering and Developing Supporting Materials.
12. Delivering Your Speech.
13. Informative Speaking.
14. Persuasive Speaking.
15. Invitational Speaking.
End Notes.

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ISBN: 9781305502840

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ISBN: 9781305502833