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Introduction to Process Technology 4th Edition

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D.

  • Published

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  • ISBN-10: 130580841X
  • ISBN-13: 9781305808416
  • STARTING AT $27.49

  • ISBN-10: 1305251474
  • ISBN-13: 9781305251472
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $112.50
  • RETAIL $149.95


Suitable for both aspiring process technicians and active process technology professionals, this wide-ranging guide provides a thorough grounding in the history, science, technology, equipment, systems, operations, and troubleshooting principles associated with modern manufacturing. Following years of widespread use and testing, INTRODUCTION TO PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, Fourth Edition, is a proven product featuring a logical sequence of topics—including safety, instrumentation, applied physics and chemistry, and quality control—aligned to the structure of accredited college courses and professional training programs. Technically accurate and up to date, the Fourth Edition remains affordable, reader-friendly, and highly visual, with ample illustrations and photographs to make complex technical concepts easier to understand and apply.

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D., Lee College in Baytown, TX,

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D., is a professor and division chair at Lee College, where he teaches Process Technology, Safety Management, and Manufacturing Engineering. Widely regarded as the foremost textbook author on process technology, Dr. Thomas is credited with creating the discipline in the 1990s. His prior professional experience includes tenure with Exxon Research and Engineering and Exxon Chemicals in a variety of operational, research and development, and training system roles. He earned his B.A. from Western Illinois University, his M.S. from the University of Texas, and his Ph.D. from Texas A & M University.
  • Widely considered an essential resource for foundational courses in process technology, the text is used in nearly every regionally accredited degree program and many nationally recognized professional training and apprentice programs.
  • In addition to instilling essential knowledge related to process technology, this highly practical text helps readers develop critical skills necessary for employment as process, research, or laboratory technicians—as well as providing job search advice and sample cover letters and résumés to facilitate a smooth transition from the classroom into the workplace.
  • Comprehensive in scope, the text provides integrated coverage of essential theory, applied science (physics and chemistry), technology, equipment, systems, operations, quality principles, and professional practices, making this an essential all-in-one resource for students planning to enter the process technology field and for professionals who need a reliable reference.
  • Drawing on his experience as both an accomplished educator and an experienced process technology professional, the author developed this groundbreaking text using a true educational model, which encompasses various learning strategies and styles, competency-based learning, principles of instructional system design, and more.
  • The author includes descriptions of each core class required in accredited degree programs, as well as insights into the organization and structure of college courses and curriculum, making it easier for instructors to teach the text and for students to achieve classroom success while preparing for their future careers.

Introduction to Process Technology


1. History of the Chemical Processing Industry.
2. Introduction to Process Technology.
3. Safety, Health, and Environment.
4. Applied Physics One.
5. Equipment One.
6. Equipment Two.
7. Process Instrumentation One.
8. Process Instrumentation Two.
9. Process Technology—Systems One.
10. Process Technology—Systems Two.
11. Industrial Processes.
12. Process Technology Operations.
13. Applied General Chemistry.
14. Applied Physics Two.
15. Environmental Standards.
16. Quality Control.
17. Process Troubleshooting.
18. Self-Directed Job Search.
19. Applied General Chemistry Two.
20. Chemical Process Industry Overview.