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Demystify and accurately interpret the National Electrical Code®! Help your students master all sections of the 2011 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) with the accurate, thorough coverage found only in Surbrook/Althouse's INTERPRETING THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE®, 9E. This easy-to-understand, trusted text explains all sections of the National Electrical Code® using meaningful examples and illustrations that your students can readily understand, with valuable insights into all articles of the Code®. Special sections highlight the most important changes from the last version of the Code®, allowing readers to navigate easily through new 2011 NEC® requirements. The authors explain each article in detail with thorough discussions, practical examples that illustrate how the Code® is applied, and sample Code® calculations taken from actual field applications. In addition, the authors integrate essential wiring information not directly addressed in the NEC®, but extremely useful to electricians in the field. You will find all the time-saving resources you need to lead a successful course with this edition's complete Instructor Resources, including anInstructor's Manual, Computerized Test Bank, Image Gallery, and PowerPoint slides to bring your lectures to life.

Truman Surbrook, Michigan State University

Truman C. Surbrook, Ph.D., is a Professor of Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University and a registered Professional Engineer and Master Electrician. This book reflects his extensive practical experience in electrical wiring as well as many years of experience as an instructor in the electrical trade. Dr. Surbrook developed the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at Michigan State University and has served as Chair for Curriculum Development for a statewide electrical inspector training short course. He has developed a highly successful and comprehensive NEC®® training course through Outreach Programs of Michigan State University. Dr. Surbrook has spent his professional career teaching; authoring textbooks, training bulletins, and papers; working with electricians, contractors, inspectors and youth; and conducting research in electrical wiring and electronics. He has served as an active member and officer of several professional organizations, including IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), American Society of Agricultural Engineers, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, the National Fire Protection Association, and the Michigan Agricultural Electric Council. Dr. Surbrook has also served on several Ad Hoc Technical Committees of the National Electrical Code® and has been a member of Code-Making Panels 13 and 19. He has also written and produced a weekly radio program dealing with electrification.

Jonathan Althouse, Michigan State University

Co-author Jonathan R. Althouse, M.S., is Instructor of Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University. A licensed Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor, he is Coordinator of the Electrical Technology Apprenticeship Program at Michigan State University. He has developed and provided instruction for NEC® Update Courses and Journey and Master Electrician examination prep classes. Mr. Althouse has also developed an electrical awareness program for high school students -- Teaching Electrification in Agribusiness Classes in High Schools (T.E.A.C.H.S.). He has been involved with professional organizations, including the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and the Michigan Agricultural Electric Council. Mr. Althouse has created an internet site with Michigan State University that provides technical information to personnel within the electrical trade: In addition to teaching, his current research interests include LEP, stray voltage, electric power and wiring, and automation systems.
  • The authors apply their first-hand abilities as educators and professional electricians to interpret NEC® content and the changes in the 2011 NEC®.
  • A special section clearly outlines changes from the last edition of the NEC® to speed your students' understanding of the new requirements. This section eliminates the need for a separate reference on Code® changes.
  • This design and presentation help capture your students' interest and further clarify the text's helpful illustrations and thorough written explanations.
  • The authors emphasize the most recent NEC® changes as well as their significance to promote understanding of how the Code® is both interpreted and applied in specific field situations.
  • The book's proven methods help your students better understand Code® requirements for performing electrical calculations by emphasizing the common calculations a professional typically encounters in everyday wiring.
  • Dynamic illustrations in this edition provide numerous references to Code® sections to guide your students to efficiently find information throughout the Code®. The illustrations further help your students gain an understanding of a typical application of a particular Code® section.
  • This edition offers two sets of practical questions and problems: Beginning Worksheets for journey electrician level and those studying for the journey electrician exam; and Advanced Worksheets for the master electrician level and students preparing for that exam.
  • This edition continues to provide a wealth of useful, efficient electronic Instructor Resources, including an Instructor's Manual with detailed lesson plans and Code® references, PowerPoint® slides to bring your lectures to life, a complete Image Gallery to assist in visually clarifying concepts, and a comprehensive, trusted Computerized Test Bank to assess student understanding.
1. General Wiring and Fundamentals.
2. Wire, Raceway, and Box Sizing.
3. Outlets, Lighting, Appliances, and Heating.
4. Services and Feeder Calculations.
5. Grounding and Bonding.
6. Overcurrent Protection.
7. Motor-Circuit Wiring.
8. Transformers.
9. Hazardous Location Wiring.
10. Health Care Facilities.
11. Emergency and Alternate Power Systems.
12. Industrial Electrical Applications.
13. Commercial Wiring Applications.
14. Special Applications Wiring.
15. Review.
Index Including Coding Articles.
Annex, Metric Conversion Tables.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133723837
  • ISBN-13: 9781133723837
  • STARTING AT $15.99

  • ISBN-10: 1111544425
  • ISBN-13: 9781111544423
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $97.50
  • RETAIL $129.95

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Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781111544430
The Instructor Resources commonly includes PowerPoint presentations for each core textbook chapter, computerized test bank, Instructor's Manual, and other text-specific resources.