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Supported by a new, dedicated mobile app and a suite of online teaching and learning tools, the groundbreaking ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY, Second Edition, is now even more effective for today’s learners. Ideal for brief, introductory, or essentials courses, this proven text teaches fundamental medical terms using word parts, without bogging down in detailed anatomy and physiology discussions. A highly visual approach—with abundant use of tables, charts, and illustrations—makes the text an effective resource for students of diverse backgrounds, including ESL speakers, students focused on career preparation, and auditory and visual learners.

Juanita J. Davies, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Juanita Davies is an award-winning instructor who taught anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology in various health care disciplines. She also has written extensively on the subject of medical terminology. Her early work includes A PROGRAMMED LEARNING APPROACH TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY and an online medical terminology test bank containing 15,000 questions. Her first book with Cengage -- MODERN MEDICAL LANGUAGE -- is a high-level text comprising anatomy, medical terminology, pathology, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and treatment. Her second -- ESSENTIALS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY -- is an anatomy and medical terminology text with a complexity level that is suitable for two-semester terminology courses as well as adaptable to one-semester courses. Her third -- A QUICK REFERENCE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY -- is a useful medical terminology handbook that can also be used as a very inexpensive terminology text. It has been bundled with anatomy and physiology texts to form a comprehensive single text. Her fourth book -- AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY -- is particularly suitable for today's visual learners with its focus on comprehensive illustrations and writing directed at those illustrations. Although both are comprehensive, ILLUSTRATED has a different delivery style than ESSENTIALS.
  • A new Med Term Mastery App to support the text—available as a free download for iOS and Android™ mobile devices via iTunes® and Google Play™—combines reference (searchable audio glossary), review (flashcards), and learning tools (word-building activities), so students can engage with course material whenever and wherever they choose.
  • A new instructor companion website features a digital instructor's manual, syllabus and course outline, customizable lecture slides, answers to review questions, and interactive test bank, making the text even easier to use and adapt to your specific course focus and teaching preferences.
  • A new student companion website provides access to a variety of online learning tools, including chapter review materials and videos and animations on key topics.
  • A MindTap online course based on the text is now available, providing access to interactive exercises, videos, animations, and Learning Lab activities to support learning outside the classroom.
  • Illustrations throughout the text have been updated and improved to increase the text's visual appeal and enhance learning.
  • In Brief sidebars present concise definitions of terms found on each page, compiling key information in a convenient place to simplify review.
  • Practice for Learning features conclude key sections with a targeted review, allowing students to assess their learning before moving on to subsequent topics.
  • Look-Alike and Sound-Alike Words and Medical Terms in Context are presented in special features at the end of each chapter, providing additional, useful context to reinforce learning.
  • This uniquely effective and accessible text teaches fundamental medical terms by focusing on word parts, without overwhelming students with needless detail related to anatomy and physiology.
  • The author uses a highly visual approach that features numerous tables, charts, and illustrations, making the text effective for diverse students, including those who read English as a second language, are focused on vocational training and career prep, are not strong readers, or prefer auditory and visual learning styles.
  • Pronunciations are presented phonetically with every new term and repeated throughout the chapter, reinforcing correct pronunciation and enabling easy review and reference.
  • Helping You Remember features provide tips and advice to help students recall and master difficult terms or concepts.
About the Author.
How to Use the Book.
1. Basic Word Structure.
2. Basic Body Structure.
3. Common Suffixes.
4. Common Prefixes.
5. Body Organization.
6. Skin and Related Structures.
7. Skeletal System.
8. Muscular System.
9. Nervous System.
10. Eyes and Ears.
11. Digestive System.
12. Cardiovascular System.
13. Blood.
14. Lymphatic and Immune System.
15. Respiratory System.
16. Urinary System.
17. Male Reproductive System.
18. Female Reproductive System.
19. Endocrine System.
Appendix A: Pronunciations.
Appendix B: Plurals.
Appendix C: Word Part to Definition.
Appendix D: Definition to Word Part.
Appendix E: Abbreviations.
Appendix F: Glossary of Diagnostic Tests.

  • ISBN-10: 1133950345
  • ISBN-13: 9781133950349
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $128.00
  • RETAIL $128.00

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  • ISBN-10: 1305846133
  • ISBN-13: 9781305846135
  • STARTING AT $22.99

  • ISBN-10: 1285174429
  • ISBN-13: 9781285174426
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $60.00
  • RETAIL $79.95

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Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero Instant Access

ISBN: 9781305261419
Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero is a flexible, online system that allows you to: author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions; create multiple test versions in an instant; deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom or wherever you want. Start right away! Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero works on any operating system or browser. No special installs or downloads needed. Create tests from school, home, the coffee shop – anywhere with Internet access. What will you find? Simplicity at every step. A desktop-inspired interface features drop-down menus and familiar, intuitive tools that take you through content creation and management with ease. Full-featured test generator. Create ideal assessments with your choice of 15 question types (including true/false, multiple choice, opinion scale/likert, and essay). Multi-language support, an equation editor and unlimited metadata help ensure your tests are complete and compliant. Cross-compatible capability. Import and export content into other systems.

Student Companion Website

ISBN: 9781285174518
This website provides a variety of resources to help students review for class, including chapter outlines, an audio library, and animations and videos on select topics.


Student Companion Website

ISBN: 9781285174518
This website provides a variety of resources to help you review for class, including chapter outlines, an audio library, and animations and videos on select topics.