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Hurting the One You Love: Violence in Relationships 1st Edition

Irene Hanson Frieze

  • Published
  • 304 Pages


A groundbreaking book that has grown out of over 30 years of research, HURTING THE ONE YOU LOVE provides an overview of theory and research on all forms of violence in intimate relationships including violence in dating relationships and marriages, incest, rape and sexual victimization, date rape, stalking, child abuse and sexual harassment. HURTING THE ONE YOU LOVE also explores how violence affects the family and others who are close to the victim, and uses criminal justice data and research as well as the research of psychologists in studying these phenomena. In addition, the text covers rape and violence prevention efforts, as well as educational programs.

Irene Hanson Frieze, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Frieze is a professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She began researching the experiences of battered women in the 1970s and has continued her interest in this as well as looking at dating violence and other forms of interpersonal violence. She co-authored one of the first textbooks on the Psychology of Women (WOMEN AND SEX ROLES, published in 1978), and has edited special issues of journals on several topics, including the psychology of victimization, women and gender roles, and applications of theory on interpersonal power. Dr. Frieze has been awarded the Distinguished Career Award by the Association for Women in Psychology, the Carolyn Wood Sherif Memorial Lectureship Award, a Distinguished Leadership award from APA's Committee on Women in Psychology, and recognition by the Science Citation Institute as the author of a citation classic. She continues to do ground-breaking research on stalking, gender and work, work and gender in Central and Eastern Europe, career choice and love and intimacy in close relationships.
1. Aggression in Every Day Life.
2. Understanding Violence and Aggression: The Environment and Learning.
3. Understanding Violence and Aggression: Biological Factors in Aggression and the Aggressive Personality.
4. Reactions to Victimization.
5. Battered Women and Intimate Terrorism.
6. New Perspectives on Violence in Relationships: "Common Couple" Violence.
7. Rape and Sexual Assault.
8. Child Abuse, Incest, and Learning to Be Violent.
9. Summing Up.
Appendix: Case Studies.

"I think the author has done a Herculean job in amassing and organizing the burgeoning research in this area. I feel this is a very important book for current and future scholars. This book is groundbreaking."