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Human Services in Contemporary America 10th Edition

William R. Burger

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2014
  • 384 Pages
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Reflecting the latest policies and practices, HUMAN SERVICES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICA, 10th Edition delivers a thorough examination of human services -- providing students with an insightful, realistic portrayal of the field. Using a unique multidisciplinary approach, the book offers a complete overview of the helping field, its available programs, and the practical skills workers can employ. It also illustrates how recent governmental policy shifts affect the way human services professionals work. The text is renowned for the way it presents the history and practice of human services through the lens of a social problems and policy perspective. Throughout, the author helps readers understand how social, economic, and political issues affect human service workers as well as the people they serve. Practical and relevant, the text is packed with captivating examples of human services work across the country and offers insightful information on selected careers within the field.

William R. Burger, Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York

William R. Burger is a Full Professor at The City University of New York at Kingsborough Community College. He has served as the Chairperson of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services and formerly served as the Director of the Mental Health and Human Services Program. Dr. Burger has developed and taught a range of Human Services courses, has been a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities, and has written guest articles for various newspapers. He is a well-known figure within the Human Services field.
  • New "Real Life Human Services Work" sections -- which feature first-person accounts of typical days in the lives of human services professionals -- illustrate the evolving nature of the field in contemporary America.
  • Updated to reflect the latest policies and practices, this edition includes new and expanded coverage of drugs and substance abuse today, new and expanded material on multi-cultural counseling and working with diverse populations, and discussion of many other timely topics.
  • Expanded coverage offers additional insights into target populations or those who are the recipients of human services.
  • The author presents an examination of the nation's human services system under the Obama presidency and a look ahead to the presidency decided in November 2016.
  • Discussions of multicultural awareness help students understand the importance of cultural considerations when working with diverse populations.
  • The text illustrates how current governmental policy shifts have affected the way human services professionals work, discusses what resources are available, and explains how organizations function -- providing students with valuable insight.
  • Current, comprehensive, and packed with real-world examples that bring chapter concepts to life, HUMAN SERVICES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICA, 10th Edition thoroughly examines the skills necessary for effective human services work.
  • Author Dr. William Burger explores the ways in which social programs have become the focus of intense political controversy, and examines the reasons why programs such as welfare are cited as the cause of societal problems rather than a solution for them.
  • Outlines, case studies, dialogues, tables, and examples promote discussion and sharpen students' capacity to think critically about various issues. They also give readers hands-on experience grappling with human services issues and dilemmas from real-world practice.
  • "Real Life Human Services Work" features offer first-person accounts of typical days in the lives of human services professionals, giving readers a feel for what it is really like working in the field.
1. Human Services in the United States Today.
2. Groups in Need.
3. Human Services in Historical Perspective.
4. Theoretical Perspectives.
5. The Human Services Worker.
6. Careers in Human Services.
7. Social Policy.
8. Prevention in Human Services.
9. Current Controversies and Issues.
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"Easy to read but not simplistic, open-minded, rich in details, and a developed handbook for entering human services. I especially like the section on medications and their uses and drawbacks."

"This text provides a solid foundation upon which future human service workers will build their career. The author is able to provide overviews of critical and current issues within the field in an organized manner. The entire text is relevant to the field and prepares students for future, more in-depth coursework."