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Home, School, and Community Relations 9th Edition

Carol Gestwicki

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013, 2010, 2007
  • 496 Pages
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???label.coverImageAlt??? Home, School, and Community Relations 9th Edition by Carol Gestwicki


This practical, comprehensive text is an indispensable guide for home-school-community collaborations. HOME, SCHOOL, & COMMUNITY RELATIONS, 9th Edition, meets the needs of teachers and administrators who desire to create effective, culturally-competent partnerships with diverse families, and helps to prepare future teachers for their careers. It provides an overview of modern families and their complex roles and beliefs to sensitize teachers to the diversity and needs of families they will encounter, including multilingual, multiethnic, multigenerational, and gender-diverse families from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The text fully discusses both the benefits of creating productive partnerships and the barriers that teachers must overcome. Abundant examples clarify the book's practical and effective communication strategies. Current developments in the field of early childhood education are emphasized, including brain research and development, legislative mandates in education, professional standards of the field, and strategies for working with families of students with diverse learning needs.

Carol Gestwicki, Central Piedmont College

Carol Gestwicki was an instructor in the early childhood education program at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina, for over 30 years. Her teaching responsibilities have included supervising students in classroom situations as they work with families. Earlier in her career, she worked with children and families in a variety of community agencies and schools in Toronto, New York, New Jersey, and Namibia (South West Africa). She received her MA from Drew University. She has been an active member of the NAEYC for many years, including making numerous presentations at state and national conferences. She has been a Fellow in the Early Childhood Leadership Development Project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and she has been associated with the T.E.A.C.H. Model/Mentor program. Her other publications include more than two dozen articles about child development and family issues and scripts and design for 14 audiovisual instructional programs. She has three other books on topics in early education published by Delmar Learning: Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum and Development in Early Education, Fifth edition (2013); Essentials of Early Education (1997); and Authentic Childhood: Exploring Reggio Emilia in the Classroom (2002). Currently, she writes a regular column titled “Grandma Says” for Growing Child.
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  • NEW Marginal Key Terms and Definitions: To aid student comprehension, each key term and its definition appears in the text margin, next to where the term is first introduced in boldface type in the narrative. A comprehensive glossary of key terms is at the end of the book.
  • NEW Expanded Appendix on Home Visits: In response to reviewer feedback, an expanded appendix enhances understanding of home visits as a method for communicating with families, for those who wish to explore this important topic.
  • NEW Web-Based Resources: A Helpful Websites section at the end of each chapter describes important organizations and other sources of support for teachers' work with diverse families. In addition, the book's website includes expanded coverage of certain topics and a variety of learning resources.
  • NEW Colorful Design: This edition is a full-color text with a majority of new photos, new figures, and an appealing design with icons to highlight pedagogical features.
  • NEW Learning Objectives: correlated to the main sections in each chapter show students what they need to know to process and understand the information in the chapter. After completing the chapter, students should be able to demonstrate how they can use and apply their new knowledge and skills.
  • NEW Stronger Coverage of Standards in Each Chapter: A list of standards addressed within the chapter appears after the Learning Objectives, and icons identify standards-related content throughout the book. Standards are presented for both Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs and for the Accreditation of Early Childhood Programs related to work with families as approved by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. All relevant standards are printed inside the text's front and back covers.
  • NEW Digital Downloads: Downloadable and often customizable, these practical and professional resources allow students to immediately implement and apply the textbook's content in the field. Students can download these tools and keep them forever, enabling preservice teachers to begin to build their own library of practical, professional resources. A TeachSource Digital Downloads label identifies these items throughout the text.
  • NEW Opportunities for Reflection: These brief questions and comments are prompts to encourage student reflection on the ideas in the text and their own experiences, with the goal of developing reflective practitioners. The prompts may be used for individual consideration or for small group discussion in class.
  • NEW TeachSource Video Cases: This popular resource includes several new TeachSource videos to complement the ninth edition. Introduced in the text and viewable online, the videos present footage from the classroom to help students relate key chapter content to real-life scenarios. Critical-thinking questions provide opportunities for in-class or online discussion and reflection.
  • NEW Expanded Emphasis on Diversity: Throughout the text, students encounter frequent discussions of the diversity demonstrated in classrooms around the country, and gain awareness and understanding of the importance of working respectfully with families of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, including multilingual, multiethnic, multigenerational, and gender-diverse families. An icon identifies these discussions and reminders. A Cultural Consideration feature in every chapter offers practical guidance and critical thinking questions that prompt students to contemplate real-life applications and solutions. In addition, Chapter 13 is focused entirely on the topic of diversity.
  • NEW What Does Brain Research Tell Us?: Summaries of current knowledge about brain development have been added to chapters where the topic is relevant.
  • The book provides guidance for readers of all levels, from beginning students to experienced professionals.
  • The book presents strong coverage of diversity topics, in part through Cultural Consideration features that present practical guidelines for working respectfully with families of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, including multilingual, multiethnic, multigenerational, and gender-diverse families.
  • Ideas for Teachers are boxes (many of them Digital Downloads) that contain practical considerations and concrete tips for students and professionals.
  • A list identifies books (for both children and adults) that are appropriate for important issues, such as family diversity, divorce and stepparenting, living with children with special needs, child abuse, and adoption.
  • An exercise titled Apply the Concepts: Case in Point, encourages the application of particular concepts to classroom practice and teacher experience. Questions may be used for individual thought and group discussion. In addition, most chapters include realistic scenarios that illustrate interaction and attitudes of teachers and parents.
  • Each chapter's Student Activities for Further Study provide interesting activities and questions that allow students to apply what they have learned.
1. A Day with Two Families: Diversity of Experience.
2. Families Today.
3. Parenting.
4. What Is Family Involvement?
5. Benefits and Barriers in Teacher-Family Partnerships.
6. Foundations of a Successful Partnership.
7. Good Beginnings with Parents and Children.
8. Informal Communication with Families.
9. Parent-Teacher Conferences.
10. Families in the Classroom.
11. Parent Education.
12. It Takes a Village: Teachers, Families, and Communities.
13. Working with Families from Diverse Backgrounds.
14. Working with Families in Particular Circumstances.
15. Working to Resolve Challenging Attitudes and Behaviors.
Appendix: Home Visits to Families and Children.
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"Great coverage of topics, supporting research, and helpful examples/scenarios."

"The text provides the teacher the perspective of a parent and the importance of respecting the elements and indicators of developmentally appropriate practices to meet the goal for the child, not personal bias. Teachers are challenged to work with parents who come from hostile to undernurtured home settings or lack positive interpersonal skills. The text directs the readers' attention to not only developmentally appropriate practices according to the NAEYC code of ethics, but also to websites to link different resources related to the subject matter."

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