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The text is a beginning level integration of research design and statistics for behavioral sciences with an emphasis on experimental psychology. It may be used for an intensive one semester course (with laboratory) or a two semester sequence. APA writing style is also integrated into each chapter so that students can study methods, statistics and report writing together.

Sandra K. Webster, Westminster College

Sandra K. Webster is Professor of Psychology and Faculty Development Officer at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. She has been teaching research methods and statistics since first entering graduate school at Southern Illinois University and volunteering to be a teaching assistant for that course. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in Experimental Social Psychology with a minor in Mathematical Statistics. Before becoming a professor, she had research positions at Masters and Johnson in St. Louis and at Associates for Research in Behavior in Philadelphia. She has taught research design and statistics in Nigeria and South Korea on two Fulbright Lectureships (1989-90, 2000-2001). She has had National Science Foundation grants for equipping secondary school teachers to teach psychology as a science, and for developing cluster courses between psychology and computer science. She has been recognized for technology integration in the curriculum with a Joe Wyatt Challenge Award. Dr. Webster¿s current research program focuses on cross-cultural studies of emotion and coping with prolonged stress. She has been awarded two Westminster College research awards. The Henderson Award in 1998 for research on the relationship between incoming student coping styles and college success; and the McCandless Scholar Award in 2004-05 for her cross-cultural research on emotion. Dr. Webster serves as a Councilor in the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR). Dr. Webster and her husband Ronald have two grown children. She enjoys designing things in her spare time and has applied the skills of research design and statistics to her hobbies. Two examples that the application really works are her local museum exhibit, Psychocyberceramics, and the Kennedy Center Theatre Festival Certificate of Merit she received for costuming The Baker of Madrigal, a new play set in 16th century Spain. She and her husband Ronald keep fit with modern Western square dancing.
1. Values: Empiricism, Determinism, Organization and Curiosity 2. Ethical Principles 3. Hypothetico-Deductive Method 4. Dependent Variables Scales of Measurement 5. Independent Variables Within vs. Between 6. Control Group Post-Test Only Design 7. Pre-Test Post-Test Design Threats to Internal Validity: History, Maturation, Testing 8. One Factor Between Subjects Design 9. One Factor Repeated Measures Design 10. Between Groups Factorial Designs 11. Repeated Measures Factorial Designs Multiple Treatment Interference Mixed Factorial Designs 12. Pre-Experimental Designs: Single Subject, Case Studies, Survey Research, One Group Studies 13. Quasi-Experimental Designs: Static Group Comparison Threats to Internal Validity: Selection, Mortality, Selection X Maturation