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Globalization and Change in Fifteen Cultures: Born in One World, Living in Another 1st Edition

George Spindler, Janice E. Stockard

  • Published
  • 408 Pages


The original articles presented in this anthology reflect a world changed by globalization, and an anthropology committed to documenting the effects of the vast cultural flows of people, information, goods, and technology, now in motion the world over. Spindler and Stockard write an introduction to the topic of cultural change, and each of the fifteen anthropologists in the anthology take students on a return visit to their original field sites, asking questions for a new era and writing of peoples to some extent familiar, but at the same time changed, transformed by global forces.

George Spindler, Stanford University

Janice E. Stockard, Stanford University

Janice E. Stockard received her PhD in anthropology at Stanford University in 1985. Before her extensive doctoral field research in South China, she worked among Bay Area Native Americans to evaluate a Bureau of Indian Affairs urban relocation program. Maintaining this interest in applied anthropology, she has served as social science advisor to two national organizations dedicated to increasing women’s participation and retention in Information Technology industries. She is currently a Distinguished Practitioner at the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University. Spanning the globalization of textiles, gender, and technology, effects of technological and economic change on family and marriage, and women in IT industries, her career has many facets. For more than 25 years, Dr. Stockard has enjoyed teaching across the range of educational settings: private research and large state universities as well as small liberal arts colleges and at sea (on the MV Explorer). This broad experience and her emphasis on an ethnographic case-based approach to anthropology have inspired her part in Mapping Cultures across Space and Time.
  • Emphasizes the effects of globalization and cultural change on flows--people, information, goods and technology.
  • The authors identify four general dimensions of culture change and group chapters accordingly: challenges to identity and power, changing gender hierarchies, new patterns of migration and mobility, and the effects of economic change and modernization.
  • Each chapter begins with a fieldwork biography that makes anthropologists and their field experiences come alive for students.
  • Examples of global coverage include the Bedouin in Sudan, Mardu in Australia, Sambia in New Guinea, Canela in Brazil, Yolmo in Nepal, Ju/"Hoansi in Namibia, Minangkabau in Sumatra, Scottish crofters, Greek villagers, Chinese minorities, the Aztecs and Yucatecans in Mexico, and Mexican immigrants, African-American gang members, and Wisconsin town residents in the U.S.A.
  • Can be used as a core text for courses such as culture change, globalization, and modernization as well as a supplement for any introductory course.
1. Frances Berdan "Continuity and Change in Aztec Culture: From Imperial Lords to Royal Subjects."
2. Bill & Jean Crocker "Change in the Lives of a Brazilian Indigenous People: To pluck eyelashes (or not?) among the Canela."
3. Dru Gladney "Cultural Identity in China: The Rising Politics of Ethnic Difference."
4. Lincoln Keiser "The Vice Lord Phoenix: Socio-Cultural Change in an African-American Street Gang."
5. Gilbert Herdt and Birgitta Stolpe "Sambia Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change."
6. Evelyn Blackwood "Mothers to Daughters: Social Change and Matrilineal Kinship in a Minangkabau Village."
7. Richard Lee"The Ju/'Hoansi of Southern Africa at the Crossroads: Continuity and Change in the Time of AIDS."
8. Cindy Hull "From Field to Factory and Beyond: New Strategies for New Realities in a Yucatecan Village."
9. Naomi Bishop "The Yolmo People of Melemchi, Nepal: Change & Continuity."
10. Robert Tonkinson "The Mardu Aborigines: On the Road to Somewhere."
11. Bill Young "From Local "Tribe" to Transnational Arab Society: The "New" Rashaayda Bedouin of Sudan."
12. Leo Chavez "Culture Change and Cultural Reproduction: Lessons from Research on Transnational Migration."
13. PARMAN Sue "Scottish Crofters: Narratives of Change among Small Landholders in Scotland."
14. FRIEDL, Ernie, "A Village in Greece; Vasilika Then and Now."
15. SANO/FUJITA "Through Japanese Eyes: Culture Change in a Mid-Western Town."