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FUNDAMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIANS, 2e delivers a clear understanding of how pharmaceuticals act within the body, and the ways drugs are used to treat patients today. Written to deliver complex information in a practical, easy-to-understand style, chapters impart a working knowledge of the medications that pharmacy technicians handle daily, along with each drug’s mechanism of action, indications, adverse effects, contraindications, and interactions. The reading begins with an overview of anatomy and physiology, then explores how the body systems react to specific drug classes, and takes a detailed look at certain diseases in the context of prescription drug treatments. Charts, graphs, warning labels, and drug tables add depth to the readings, while exhaustive appendices and review questions test understanding and prepare readers for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam. Now more than ever, FUNDAMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIANS, 2e is the complete learning solution for pharmacy technicians in training!

Jahangir Moini, Eastern Florida State College

Dr. Moini is Professor of Health and Science at Eastern Florida State College. He was previously Director of Allied Health Programs at Everest University, where he established the Pharmacy Technician Program and served as Director. Before coming to the United States, Dr. Moini was an Assistant Professor at Tehran University Medical and Nursing School. An internationally published author of twenty allied health textbooks, Dr. Moini devotes himself to helping students prepare for a variety of health-related careers.
  • New Chapters: New coverage of "Ordering Medications" and "Misused, Abused, and Addictive Drugs" give insights into these evolving and trending topics.
  • Enhanced Features: Additions of pronunciation guides and black box warnings further enhance understanding of the drugs covered.
  • Updated Content: Revised to include new and updated drug information, all chapters and accompanying materials reflect the latest and most important changes in the field of pharmacology today.
  • Helpful Translation: The Medical Terminology Review in the text helps students interpret complex drug names, and medical words and word parts, and understand their relevance to pharmacology.
  • Unrivaled Detail: Each chapter covers a number of specific drugs, then details for each the mechanism of action, indications, adverse effects, contraindications, drug interactions, and cautions for specific patients.
  • Commonsense Presentation: Organized according to bodily system for smooth content flow, chapters incorporate brief discussions of anatomy and physiology, drug tables, and other key information as needed to give readers a complete and realistic perspective of pharmacy topics.
  • Clear Focus: Written in a clear, concise style, the book presents complex technical material in a highly digestible manner that helps readers build confidence quickly.
1. Introduction to Pharmacology, Drug Legislation, and Regulation.
2. Drug Sources and Dosage Forms.
3. Biopharmaceutics.
4. Ordering Medications.
SECTION II: Pharmacology Related to Specific Body Systems and Disorders.
5. Drug Therapy for the Nervous System: Antipsychotic and Antidepressant Drugs.
6. Drug Therapy for the Nervous System: Antianxiety and Hypnotic Drugs.
7. Drug Therapy for the Autonomic Nervous System.
8. Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases.
9. Drug Therapy for Seizures.
10. Anesthetic Drugs.
11. Drug Therapy for the Musculoskeletal System.
12. Drug Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorders.
13. Antihypertensive Agents and Hyperlipidemia.
14. Diuretics.
15. Anticoagulant Drugs.
16. Drug Therapy for Allergies and Respiratory Disorders.
17. Drug Therapy for Gastrointestinal Disorders.
18. Hormonal Therapy for Endocrine Gland Disorders.
19. Hormones of the Reproductive System and Contraceptives.
SECTION III: Pharmacology for Disorders Affecting Multi-body Systems.
20. Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements.
21. Antineoplastic Agents.
22. Analgesics.
23. Anti-infectives and Systemic Antibacterial Agents.
24. Antiviral, Antifungal, and Antiprotozoal Agents.
SECTION IV: Pharmacology for Specific Populations.
25. Drug Therapy During Pregnancy and Lactation.
26. Drug Therapy for Pediatric Patients.
27. Drug Therapy in Geriatrics.
SECTION V: Miscellaneous.
28. Misused, Abused, and Addictive Drugs.
Appendix A: Case Studies.
Appendix B: Top 200 Drugs by Prescriptions Dispensed and Total Sales.
Appendix C: Common Look-alike and Sound-alike Drugs.
Appendix D: Classifications of Drug Schedules in the United States and Canada.
Appendix E: Drug Dosage Calculations.
Appendix F: Immunizations.
Appendix G: Specific Antidotes.
Appendix H: Reporting of Medical Errors.
Appendix I: Drug/Food Interactions.
Appendix J: Drugs That Should Not Be Crushed.
Appendix K: Drug Identification Guide.
Appendix L: Poisonous Substances.

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