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Fuentes: Lectura y redacción | 5th Edition

Donald N. Tuten/Lucía Caycedo Garner/Carmelo Esterrich
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ISBN-13: 9781285733500
The Workbook section of the Student Activities Manual provides additional practice for reading, writing, and culture as well as for reinforcement of the grammar and vocabulary topics presented in Fuentes: Conversación y gramática. The Lab Manual section of the Student Activities Manual provides pronunciation and listening comprehension practice that is coordinated with the Fuentes Lab Audio CDs.

SAM Audio Program

ISBN-13: 9781285733579
This complete lab audio program contains six CDs and is coordinated with the Lab Manual section of the Student Activities Manual. This program includes pronunciation practice, listening comprehension activities based on structures and vocabulary presented in Fuentes: Conversación y gramática, and a final semi-scripted conversation dealing with the chapter theme. This recorded material is also included in the Quia Online Student Activities Manual and on the Premium Website.
$ 81.95

Premium Website for Fuentes: Conversación y gramática, 3 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285735016
The Premium Website includes SAM and in-text audio mp3s and video mp4s.
$ 36.00

Premium Website for Fuentes: Conversación y gramática and Fuentes: Lectura y redacción, 3 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285737379
$ 45.00

Premium Website for Fuentes: Lectura y Redacción, 4 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285735085
$ 45.00

About This Product

Fuentes builds on the knowledge students gained in their first-year Spanish course and develops language proficiency by refining receptive skills of listening and reading and productive skills of speaking and writing-all of this while encouraging students to compare, contrast, and develop an appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures. Fuentes is made up of FUENTES: CONVERSACIÓN Y GRAMÁTICA (FCG) and FUENTES: LECTURA Y REDACCIÓN (FLR). Although FUENTES: CONVERSACIÓN Y GRAMÁTICA and FUENTES: LECTURA Y REDACCIÓN are designed to be used together, they also can be used independently. FUENTES: LECTURA Y REDACCIÓN, 5e is designed to enhance the development of reading and writing skills and the understanding of Hispanic cultures and societies. By using the language to communicate original thoughts in both oral and written form and by interacting with written texts and recorded conversations, students acquire a high degree of proficiency. Skill integration promotes language development. Each skill reinforces the others; therefore, students learn to comprehend and produce language while practicing specific strategies for listening, reading, and writing.

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