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iLrn Language Learning Center for Fuentes: Conversación y gramática | 5th Edition

Debbie Rusch/Marcela Domínguez/Lucía Caycedo Garner
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Available Study Tools


ISBN-13: 9781285733500
The Workbook section of the Student Activities Manual provides additional practice for reading, writing, and culture as well as for reinforcement of the grammar and vocabulary topics presented in Fuentes: Conversación y gramática. The Lab Manual section of the Student Activities Manual provides pronunciation and listening comprehension practice that is coordinated with the Fuentes Lab Audio CDs.

SAM Audio Program

ISBN-13: 9781285733579
This complete lab audio program contains six CDs and is coordinated with the Lab Manual section of the Student Activities Manual. This program includes pronunciation practice, listening comprehension activities based on structures and vocabulary presented in Fuentes: Conversación y gramática, and a final semi-scripted conversation dealing with the chapter theme. This recorded material is also included in the Quia Online Student Activities Manual and on the Premium Website.
$ 81.95

Premium Website for Fuentes: Conversación y gramática, 3 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285735016
The Premium Website includes SAM and in-text audio mp3s and video mp4s.
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Premium Website for Fuentes: Conversación y gramática and Fuentes: Lectura y redacción, 3 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285737379
$ 45.00

Premium Website for Fuentes: Lectura y Redacción, 4 terms Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9781285735085
$ 45.00

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This dynamic all-in-one diagnostic, tutorial, assessment, assignment, and course management system saves you time and enhances your students' language-learning experience. Everything your students need to master the skills and concepts of the course is built right in to this online system, including a fully interactive eBook, companion videos, integrated textbook activities, an online Student Activities Manual with audio, interactive practice activities, a trackable self-test study tool, and interactive VoiceBoard, and more. The new Share It! feature enables uploading and sharing of files, such as videos, for assignments and projects. Share It! also allows students to create text or voice comments and rate their classmates' uploaded material. Also new in this version of iLrn is cultural video from National Geographic. For instructors, iLrn™ features solutions organized around quick and easy execution of administrative tasks such as setting up an entire term's work in minutes, managing students' varying skill levels, assigning audio-enhanced tests and activities, accessing students' grades, and more. For online purchase only.

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