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Foundations in Strategic Management 6th Edition

Jeffrey S. Harrison, Caron H. St. John

  • Published
  • 208 Pages


Introduce the most important theories and views in strategic management today using this concise, yet fully complete, text. Harrison/St. John's FOUNDATIONS IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, Sixth Edition, addresses the most recent changes in today's business environment, including many topics that other strategic management texts often miss. This valuable text builds on a traditional theoretical foundation by using engaging examples from many of today's leading firms to demonstrate principles and applications. This edition continues to highlight strategizing in the global arena and the contemporary challenges of increased globalization while offering additional coverage of the increasingly important topic of stakeholder management. The book's streamlined content corresponds closely with the way you teach, while providing the flexibility for you to customize your course to the needs of your students with cases, exercises, simulations and readings. The book utilizes a traditional strategic management process model while building on core ideas from industrial organization economics, the resource-based perspective, and stakeholder theory. Rely on FOUNDATIONS IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, Sixth Edition, to offer an indispensable resource that your students need for immediate and long-term success in strategic management. Available with InfoTrac® Student Collections

Jeffrey S. Harrison, University of Richmond

Author Jeffrey S. Harrison provides an authoritative voice of practical experience to this book. He serves as the W. David Robbins Chair of Strategic Management in the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. Prior to his current appointment, he served on the faculty at Cornell University. Dr. Harrison's research interests include strategic management and business ethics, with particular expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, diversification, strategic alliances, and stakeholder management. Much of his work has been published in prestigious academic journals, such as ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS. He helped create the Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group at the Strategic Management Society and has served in a variety of leadership roles in that group. He has authored or coauthored ten books and has served as a management consultant or trainer for dozens of respected companies.

Caron H. St. John, Clemson University

As Professor of Management at Clemson University, author Caron St. John also serves as the Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Innovation and Director of MBA Programs and the Spiro Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership for the university. Her research interests address the competitive, technology, and operations strategies of both entrepreneurial and established firms. Her work has been published in ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, ORGANIZATION RESEARCH METHODS, JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, and PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. She has coauthored two textbooks in strategic management and is very active in executive and graduate education, particularly in the areas of strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation management.
  • GLOBALIZATION: This edition includes the latest information on strategizing in today's global arena, with additional emphasis on global forces, including technological innovation, global interconnectedness, and hypercompetition. The book helps students understand the importance of these forces in the global economy and how to effectively deal with them in the strategic planning process.
  • STAKEHOLDER THEORY: Stakeholder theory and the stakeholder perspective are given much more prominence, with emphasis on how to manage ethically and responsibly while creating more value for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and other important stakeholders.
  • InfoTrac® Student Collections are specialized databases expertly drawn from the Gale Academic One library. Each InfoTrac® Student Collection enhances the student learning experience in the specific course area related to the product. These specialized databases allow access to hundreds of scholarly and popular publications - all reliable sources - including journals, encyclopedias, and academic reports. Learn more and access at:
  • CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY: Corporate sustainability issues are highlighted in Chapter 4 on Strategic Leadership and Strategic Direction. In addition, "green" strategies are discussed in several places in the book.
  • ECONOMIC CYCLES: This edition provides increased treatment of economic cycles and how they can be effectively managed. Strategic management during tough times is a recurring theme throughout the book. In addition, Chapter 8 has a separate section devoted to how to cope effectively with economic cycles.
  • COOPERATIVE STRATEGIES: Increased emphasis on cooperative strategies and social networks (Chapter 2) highlights how to maximize these potential resources. The authors now emphasize how to best use cooperative strategies to achieve competitive advantage.
  • CHAPTER OPENERS AND CLOSERS FURTHER EMPHASIZE THE VALUE OF STRATEGY: Each chapter opens with a captivating "Strategy in Focus" that highlights the chapter's principles in practice. Chapters conclude with useful "Key Points Summary" that provide an ideal tool for review and test preparation.
  • CONCISE, STREAMLINED APPROACH OFFERS FLEXIBILITY FOR ADDITIONAL COVERAGE: This book's streamlined coverage leaves ample time for you to customize and tailor your course to the needs of your students with experiential exercises and relevant readings, simulations, and cases of your choice.
  • MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES ON STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT EQUIP STUDENTS WITH BROAD OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS: This book covers resource-based, industrial organization economic, and stakeholder models, drawing from these multiple perspectives on the strategic management process to prepare your students for management success more thoroughly.
  • SUCCINCT, YET THOROUGH, TEXT OFFERS ONGOING ECONOMICAL VALUE: This well-rounded text provides the insights your students need into today's strategic management principles and practices while remaining concise to keep the book both accessible and economical for today's learners.
  • ENGAGING EXAMPLES FROM LEADING FIRMS ILLUSTRATE MAJOR POINTS: Students further develop their decision-making and analysis techniques as they review intriguing examples drawn from familiar organizations that demonstrate the text's principles in practice.
1. The Strategic Management Process.
2. The External Environment.
3. Organizational Resources and Competitive Advantage.
4. Strategic Leadership and Strategic Direction.
5. Business-Level Strategies.
6. Corporate Strategies.
7. Strategy Implementation.
8. Control, Restructuring and Economic Cycles.
Appendix: Preparing a Strategic Analysis.

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"Its brevity and clarity are the advantages. The old style strategic management texts with several hundred pages of narrative and several hundred more pages of cases are stifling to this generation of students. I use this text and/or similar short texts because I have a good chance of getting the students to actually read it. This text does a good job putting the basics of strategy in an abbreviated number of pages."

"The text is concise, well-integrated, and covers most of the crucial literature in our field. Moreover, it is based on the foundation of the three most well-informed theories of our field: the industry-based view, the resource-based view, and the stakeholder view of the firm."