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Fleming's Arts and Ideas, Volume I 10th Edition

Mary Warner Marien, William Fleming

  • Published
  • 408 Pages


A top-seller since it first published in 1955, FLEMING'S ARTS and IDEAS chronologically explores a breadth of humanities topics from antiquity to the present. New author Mary Warner Marien continues the text's tradition of combining outstanding scholarship with high quality art reproductions, while at the same time bringing a new contemporary voice to this classic text. FLEMING'S ARTS and IDEAS challenges students to see the links between common purposes, themes, and ideas in painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, and philosophy.

Mary Warner Marien, Syracuse University

Mary Warner Marien teaches at Syracuse University where she worked closely with William Fleming on the previous edition of ARTS and IDEAS. She is the author of numerous articles, book reviews, and essays on these and other subjects. Her book, PHOTOGRAPHY AND ITS CRITICS: A CULTURAL HISTORY was named one of the two best books in photographic history for 1997. She recently completed PHOTOGRAPHY: A CULTURAL HISTORY (2002), a new survey of the history of photography, with special emphasis on contemporary global practice. Her current research project is an investigation of the women's movement in the late twentieth-century and its relationship to feminist art and art theory.

William Fleming, Professor Emeritus, late of University of Syracuse

William Fleming became an associate professor of Fine Arts at Syracuse University in 1945. Feeling that the Humanities program at SU did not sufficiently serve the needs of a growing Fine Arts program, Fleming founded the Department of Fine Arts in 1947 and became its first chairman. He held this position until 1969. It was during this time that William Fleming authored ARTS and IDEAS. First published in 1955, this work served as the synthesis of music and art that Fleming had been so desperately seeking. In 1970, Fleming was named Centennial Professor of Fine Arts, for his outstanding leadership and contributions to his field. Upon his retirement from Syracuse University in 1975, he was named Centennial Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current research and works.
  • Technology resources listed at the end of each chapter allow students to access valuable resources such as iLrn, Web links, InfoTrac readings, and more.
  • New WebTutor online resource gives professors and students a virtual environment rich with study, course management, and communication tools.
  • New Maps, better illustrate important historical places discussed in the text.
  • Student companion web site offers students numerous resources.
  • Exploring Humanities CD-ROM, included free with each new copy of the text, provides resources and useful tools that make learning the material covered in the course come to life. The CD-ROM is organized by major fields within the Humanities: art, architecture, literature, philosophy, music, dance, and theater and includes readings and documents, interactive timelines, extensive learning modules, music flashcards, and an extensive collection of links that will direct students to many online resources. These additional resources include maps, documents, and visuals, a link to all of Wadsworth�s Humanities titles, a glossary of Humanities terms, links to major museums, and chronologies that place developments in the Humanities in historical context.
  • 200 new works of art and predominantly 4-color throughout.
  • Increased discussions of photography, film, and mass media.
  • Increased coverage of women and other marginalized authors, artists, and works.
  • New text-specific audio CD includes musical examples from the text.
  • "Then and Now" sections discuss contrasts between the past and the present.
  • Musical Examples and audio selections on an accompanying CD clarify and demonstrate important features of music from the ancient world to the present.
  • Chronologies/Timelines of major events open each chapter and set important context and background.
  • Chapter ending "Ideas" sections offer students opportunity to further explore topics within the chapter.
Lists of Maps and Chronologies.
1. The Origins of Western Art.
2. Athens in the Fifth Century B.C.E.
3. Hellenistic Style.
4. Roman Style.
5. Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Styles.
6. Romanesque Style.
7. Gothic Style.
8. International Styles in the Late Medieval Period.
9. Florentine Renaissance Style.
10. Roman Renaissance Style.
11. Northern Renaissance and Reformation Style.
12. The Venetian Renaissance and the Rise of International Mannerism..

"Fleming is the godfather of survey texts and is the standard by which all others are compared."

"Every page is a treasure of knowledge, filled with connections between the various fields of learning. My students are always inspired by the way Fleming can take complex subjects and make them seem real and accessible." "Dozens of students have told me that they sold all of their books back to the bookstore at the end of the semester--except this one. They are extremely pleased that they can now understand the things that at once seemed so foreign to them."

"Dozens of students have told me that they sold all of their books back to the bookstore at the end of the semester--except this one. They are extremely pleased that they can now understand the things that at once seemed so foreign to them."

"The illustrations for this text are sumptuous. There’s no other word for Fleming’s book: beautiful. And the selections of images are the ones I would want, and more."

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ExamView (Windows/Macintosh)

ISBN: 9780534613761
ExamView® computerized testing easily allows you to customize the test bank provided in the Instructor's Manual or to create your own. The CD-ROM is cross-platform and will work on Windows or Macintosh.


ISBN: 9780534613778
Contains 75 carefully selected, high-quality images from the text.

Instructor's Manual with Test Bank

ISBN: 9780534613754
The manual provides a summary of the lecture content for each chapter, key words, and topics for discussion. The test bank includes multiple choice, essay, and identification questions.