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Feedback Control Problems Using MATLAB® and the Control System Toolbox 1st Edition

Dean K. Frederick, Joe Chow

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1995
  • 256 Pages


This book is a supplement for any standard control systems text. It serves to reinforce the learning process for those who are studying introductory aspects of control systems. The authors accomplish this by teaching the use of MATLAB® and its CONTROL SYSTEM TOOLBOX to rapidly solve a wide range of numerical problems. This book also provides the user with opportunities to apply techniques of linear system analysis, which forms the basis for the analysis and design of feedback control systems. This approach frees the user from the laborious calculations required to solve meaningful problems, thus allowing him or her to concentrate on interpreting the analysis and design results. Topical coverage includes both classical control design method and state-space models and design methods. Some specific topics covered are root-locus plots, frequency-response analysis, system performance, proportional-integral-derivative control, and frequency-response design. This updated printing revises the book and code examples (available for downloading from the Brooks/Cole Web site) to MATLAB® V5.

Dean K. Frederick, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Joe Chow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Completely updated to MATLAB® V5, with supporting Web site.
  • Serves as an excellent MATLAB® V5 supplement to any core text in control systems.
  • Provides a fully-integrated, virtual laboratory for exploring feedback control problems using MATLAB® for an interactive learning experience.
  • Built around illustrative examples that demonstrate the steps involved in the analysis and design process. The examples are followed by a variety of problems that consist of follow-up what-if problems (which allow the student to appreciate the more intricate parts of the concept), reinforcement problems, open-ended exploratory problems, and realistic comprehensive problems.
  • State-Space modeling is introduced early (Chapter 4), but is designed to be skipped by those who do not cover this content.
  • Table 1.1 demonstrates chapters in major control-engineering textbooks corresponding to the chapters of this book, making it easy to implement as a supplement.
  • MATLAB® files available at the BookWare Companion Series� Resource Center. These files can be downloaded and used to solve all the examples, reinforcement problems, and comprehensive problems. M-files are also given that allow the user to work the exploratory problems.
Preview / MATLAB® and the Control System Toolbox / Cross-Reference of Topics / Ways to Use This Book
Preview / Transfer Functions / Residues and Impulse Response / Step Response / Response to a General Input / Poles and Stability / Effects of Zeros on System Response / Exploratory Problem EP2.1 / Comprehensive Problems CP2.1-CP2.5 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Series Connections / Parallel Connections / Feedback Connections / Controller Transfer Functions / Feedback Systems with Two Inputs / Exploratory Problem EP3.1 / Comprehensive Problems CP3.1-CP3.5 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Model Building, Conversions, and Interconnections / Poles, Zeros, Eigenvalues, and Stability / Time Response / State Transformation / Exploratory Problems EP4.1 / Comprehensive Problems CP4.1-CP4.4 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Drawing Root-Locus Plots / Variation of an Arbitrary Parameter / Exploratory Problems EP5.1-EP5.2 / Comprehensive Problems CP5.1-CP5.4 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Sinusoidal Steady-State Response / Frequency-Response Plots / Frequency-Domain Stability Analysis / Exploratory Problem EP6.1 / Comprehensive Problems CP6.1-CP6.4 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Time-Domain Performance / Steady-State Regulation / Frequency-Domain Performance / Exploratory Problem EP7.1 / Comprehensive Problems CP7.1-CP7.3 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Proportional Control / Proportional Control / Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control / Exploratory Problems EP8.1, EP8.2 / Comprehensive Problems CP8.1-CP8.3 / Summary / MATLAB Functions® Used / Answers
Preview / Lag Controller Design / Lead Controller Design / Lead-Lag Controller Design Using Frequency Response / Lead-Lag Controller Design Based on PID Design / Exploratory Problems EP9.1, EP9.2 / Comprehensive Problems CP9.1-CP9.2 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers
Preview / Controllability / Pole Placement / Observability / Observer Design / Observer-Controlled Design / Exploratory Problems EP10.1, EP10.2 / Comprehensive Problems CP10.1-CP10.4 / Summary / MATLAB® Functions Used / Answers / APPENDIX A: MODELS OF PRACTICAL SYSTEMS / Preview / Electric Power System / Satellite with Reaction Wheel / Flexible Stick Balancer / Hydro-Turbine and Penstock / APPENDIX B: MATLAB® COMMANDS / Preview / MATLAB® Functions Used / ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY / INDEX