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EXPLORING ANIMAL SCIENCE offers educators the perfect tool for teaching animal agriculture: one that balances the academic background critical to building a strong foundation in fundamental science with the practical, production-oriented content vital to work in the real world. Its coverage spans a variety of areas like nutrition, anatomy and physiology, biotechnology, biosecurity, and genetics and animal reproduction. Each topic is presented in a straightforward manner that first investigates the basics, and then delves further into its practical application to the production, care, and management of animal agriculture. Ideal for a range of students, from late middle school to early high school, this unique approach is sure to engage by drawing such powerful connections between academics and real-life animal-based scenarios and situations. It also includes a wide range of activities that will fit any animal science classroom, making it an appealing choice for teachers and students alike.

Frank Flanders, University of Georgia

Dr. Frank B. Flanders is an Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education at the University of Georgia. He has served Agriculture Education for over thirty-five years. Dr. Flanders taught high school agriculture education for six years and was a Special Instructor in Agricultural Education at the University of Georgia for 15 years. Dr. Flanders has extensive experience in developing agriculture education teaching materials. He served as the Agriculture Education Curriculum Coordinator in Georgia, where he developed and maintained the Agricultural Education website, produced instructional DVDs and CDs for teachers, managed curriculum projects, and taught numerous workshops for teachers. He also served as the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Resource Network Curriculum Coordinator for three years. Dr. Flanders served on the writing team for the National Standards in Agriculture Education and served as lead writer for the National Standards on Animal Science. In 2003, Dr. Flanders was inducted into the Georgia Agriculture Education Hall of Fame and received the National Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award from the Professional Fraternity Association. He has also received the Outstanding Faculty Member in Agriculture Education Award and the Outstanding Service and Faculty Member Award from the University of Georgia Student Government Association.
  • Offers truly comprehensive content by including often-neglected subjects such as animal selection and fitting and showing, as well as chapters on companion and exotic animals that provide valuable information for those without access to livestock.
  • Clarifies key concepts with rich, detailed illustrations that will aid in learning, in an attempt to address the challenges faced by teachers today, who may have limited access to animals and significant restrictions on field trips.
  • Reinforces the connections between academics and the real world with useful sidebars, such as “Did-You-Know”, “Science Connection” , “Biology Connection”, and “History Connection” just to name a few.
  • Facilitates learning with easy-to-understand scientific explanations that always keep the learner in mind.
  • Ensures up-to-date knowledge with coverage of the latest issues, technologies, and trends within the field.
1. The Animal Industry.
2. Careers in Animal Science.
3. Safety and Biosecurity.
4. Environmental Concerns.
5. Anatomy and Physiology.
6. Animal Nutrition.
7. Genetics and Reproduction.
8. Biotechnology.
9. Animal Breeding Systems.
10. Introduction to Beef Cattle Production.
11. Beef Management.
12. Select and Judging Beef Cattle.
13. Fitting and Showing Beef Cattle.
14. Introduction to Swine Production.
15. Management of Swine.
16. Select and Judging Swine.
17. Fitting and Showing Swine.
18. Introduction to Sheep and Goat Production.
19. Management of Sheep and Goats.
20. Fitting and Showing Sheep and Goats.
21. Introduction to Equine Science.
22. Equine Management.
23. Training and Horsemanship.
24. Introduction to Poultry Production.
25. Management of Poultry.
26. Poultry and Egg Quality.
27. Introduction to Dairy Science.
28. Management of Dairy Cattle.
29. Select and Judging Dairy Cattle.
30. Fit and Showing Dairy Cattle.
31. Introduction to Companion Animals.
32. Dogs.
33. Cats.
34. Rabbit Production.
35. Large Game Animals.
36. Ratites.
37. Game Birds.
38. Llamas and Alpacas.

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  • ISBN-10: 113355850X
  • ISBN-13: 9781133558507
  • STARTING AT $15.49

  • ISBN-10: 143543952X
  • ISBN-13: 9781435439528
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $94.25
  • RETAIL $124.95

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Laboratory Manual Instructor's Guide

ISBN: 9781435439603
This resource provides answers to the lab manual exercises and additional guidance for the instructor.

Instructor's Manual

ISBN: 9781435439535
The Instructor’s Guide provides answers to the end-of chapter questions and additional material to assist the instructor in the preparation of lesson plans.

Laboratory Manual

ISBN: 9781435439597
The Laboratory Manual supplements the text and includes lab exercises.

Laboratory Manual CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781435439610
The Laboratory Manual is also available on CD-ROM. This allows instructor’s to print as many copies of the exercises as needed, for as long as they use the book.

Classroom Interactivity CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781435439627
This tool allows instructors to create a dynamic learning environment while engaging their students in active participation. The CD-ROM contains four different “game show themed” applications to be run by the instructor. All questions are taken directly from the readings of the text and serve as great tools in reinforcing the main concepts of each chapter.


Laboratory Manual

ISBN: 9781435439597
The Laboratory Manual supplements the text and includes lab exercises.

Laboratory Manual CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781435439610
The Lab Manual for EXPLORING ANIMAL SCIENCE, 1st Edition, is a valuable tool designed to enhance your classroom experience. Lab activities, objectives, materials lists, step-by-step procedures, illustrations, review questions and more are all included.

Classroom Interactivity CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781435439627