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Explorations in Diversity: Examining Privilege and Oppression in a Multicultural Society 2nd Edition

Sharon K. Anderson, Valerie A. Middleton

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2005
  • 320 Pages


This unique text features personal accounts from mental health professionals, professors and students facing issues of privilege and oppression in our diverse society. In this collection of articles, writers discuss discoveries and experiences about their own privileges and oppression, and ultimately, the compassion they have developed for individuals confronted with discrimination. Each essay inspires readers to reflect on their encounters with privilege and oppression, while discussion questions at the end of each story provide them with an opportunity to process these issues on a personal level. By studying these revealing stories of insight and understanding, readers learn how to recognize, examine, and come to terms with their own privileges and discrimination -- allowing them to become stronger, more acute, and more effective practitioners of the helping professions.

Sharon K. Anderson, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins

Dr. Sharon K. Anderson graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a licensed psychologist and an associate professor in ¿the counseling graduate program at Colorado State University. Dr. Anderson has authored and co-authored several articles and book chapters. She researches and writes in the area of professional ethics in psychology and counseling and multicultural issues in education.

Valerie A. Middleton, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins

Dr. Valerie Middleton is an associate professor-at the School of Education and has written several pieces on multicultural issues. She is the lead instructor for the multicultural class for the masters and doctoral level counseling students within the program. In addition to teaching multicultural issues, Dr. Middleton has trained on diversity at many institutions.
  • The authors have expanded upon an already diverse collection of personal essays.
  • Seven new writers discuss pressing contemporary issues of privilege and oppression in sexuality, ageism, racism, and modern marriage, as well as oppression in academia and within the helping professions.
  • Sectional introductions make the text easier to navigate and utilize in a classroom setting.
  • Each essay inspires readers to reflect on their own encounters with privilege and oppression.
  • Suggested literature and research is included in each reading for further exploration of the topic.
  • Implications and discussions in each chapter allow readers to see the actions and results of each issue as they apply to real-life practice.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide an excellent opportunity to process the issue of privilege at a personal level.
About the Contributors.
Introduction to Part I.
1. Stories of White Privilege.
An Awakening to Privilege, Oppression, and Discrimination: Val''s Story; Sharon''s Story, Sharon K. Anderson and Valerie A. Middleton. White Out: Privilege and Its Problems, Heidi A. Zetzer. Supposed to Know Better: On Accepting Privilege - Deborah Megivern. White Male Privilege in the Context of My Life, Rich Furman.
2. Stories of Socioeconomic Privilege.
Understanding and Experiencing Class Privilege, Colleen Loomis.
Stories of Able-Bodied Privilege. Seeing Through Another Lens, Kaying Lo. Dirty Secrets and Unholy Unions: Disability-Based Oppression and Privilege, Paul E. Priester.
3. Stories of Heterosexual and Cisgender Privilege.
Increasing Awareness of Heterosexism and Homophobia: A Personal and Professional Exploration, Allison L. Cashwell. Reflections on Heterosexual Privilege, S. Cherice Sommer, Suzanne M. Weatherman, and Deborah L. Cox. How I Became a Counseling Professional Lesbian: Privilege and Challenges, Joy S. Whitman. Head Ladies Center for Teacup Chain: Exploring Cisgender Privilege in a (Predominately) Gay Male Context, N. Eugene Walls and Kelly Costello. Marriage: The New Frontier, Jessica Pettitt.
4. Stories of Male Privilege and Sexism.
Men Can''t Be Raped: The Challenge of Sexism in Counseling, Heather Trepal. Exploring Male Privilege: Journey of Two White Middle-Class Men, David H. Whitcomb and James A. Cummings. How I Got My Wings, Carol L. Langer. Article. The Journey to Understanding Privilege: A Meta-Narrative Approach, Valerie A. Middleton, James H. Banning, Sharon K. Anderson, and Christine Paguyo.
Introduction to Part II … Valerie A. Middleton and Sharon K. Anderson.
Assumed Privilege: A Double-Edged Sword, Allan E. Barsky. Who, Me? White?: The Process of Acknowledging and Challenging Racial Privilege, Helen G. Deines. No Parece: The Privilege and Prejudice Inherent in Being a Light-Skinned Latino Without an Accent, Edward A. Delgado-Romero. Ageism: The "-Ism" We Will All Face One Day, Jacqueline J. Peila-Shuster.
Oppression of the Spirit: Complexities in the Counseling Encounter, Dibya Choudhuri.
Acculturation and Identity: Intra-Ethnic Distinctions Among Mexican Americans, Genaro Gonzales. Unmasking Within-Group Prejudice: A Case Study, Felice Lichaw and Marya Howell-Carter.
Deprivations and Privileges We All Have, Ma. Teresa Tuason. Navigating Oppression, Power and Privilege in Academia: An International Perspective, Saliwe Kawewe.
Going through Cultural Barriers in Counseling, Ruth Chao. Elaborating a different "Yes, But": Complexities of race, sexuality and class in the counseling setting, Damien W. Riggs.
Personal Compassion and Alliance Building: Observations of an Asian American Professor, Matthew R. Mock. Tales from the Heart of Dixie: Using White Privilege to Right Racism, Becky J. Liddle. Yes, I see You''re Committed to the Cause, But Where''s Your Credibility, and Why That Angst? David MacPhee. A Multicultural Unity Group for Graduate Students, Barbara Gormley.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781133333791
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"The power of the text as I see it is that it moves away from the stale "politically correct" tone of most multicultural texts to a "personal compassionate" stance." -Professor Thomas Scofield, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh

"This text far exceeds my department requirement for a racial and ethnic diversity course." -Professor Margaret Elbow, Texas Technical University

"The text is wonderfully written with a seldom seen openness, truth, and vulnerability." -Professor Joy Whitman, DePaul University at Loop