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MindTap Mobile App Spanish for Exploraciones 2nd Edition

Mary Ann Blitt, Margarita Casas

  • Published


The MindTap® Mobile App for Spanish: Exploraciones, 2nd Edition, is a supplement to the core course textbook or digital learning tool you use for your course. The vocabulary terms and sentences practiced in this app are from the course textbook and each one has a recording of a native speaker pronouncing it, which students can listen to as often as they would like. The app provides immediate feedback on pronunciation and allows students to go back and listen to their recording so they can better understand where their pronunciation could be improved. This app allows students to track performance and identify specific phrase types that are particularly challenging to them. The MindTap® Mobile App for Spanish provides audio-enhanced flashcards for vocabulary, quizzes focused on specific vocabulary from the core course textbook, pronunciation practice activities for vocabulary, and a results screen that shows progress and achievement. To successfully use the app, instructors must activate the associated MindTap course and share the course code with students. Once activated, instructors may assign and track pronunciation practice in the MindTap course. Alternatively, instructors may simply request that students complete the chapter-specific activities in the app and then take a screen shot of their results screen to email to the instructor. Instructors may have as much or as little oversight of students’ practice experiences in the app.

Mary Ann Blitt, College of Charleston

Mary Ann Blitt began her Spanish studies at the age of 13 while living in Madrid, Spain. She received her B.A. in Spanish from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and after spending a year studying at the Universidad de Granada, she returned to the university to obtain a teaching certificate. She later attended Colorado State University, where she received her master's degree in Spanish with interdisciplinary studies in French. After teaching Spanish and coordinating the study abroad program at Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods in Kansas City for fourteen years, she joined the faculty at College of Charleston in 2014. Mary Ann has studied in Spain, Mexico, France, and Canada and has trained teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Asunción, Paraguay. She is currently actively involved in professional development workshops.

Margarita Casas, Linn-Benton Community College

Margarita Casas was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She completed her bachelor's degree in sciences and techniques of communication in Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds two master's degrees from Colorado State University, one in Spanish literature with an emphasis on education, and the other in Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently, she is faculty and Chair of the Foreign Language Department at Linn-Benton Community College. She has collaborated on two textbooks prior to EXPLORACIONES and has published a novel, Italia en cuatro estaciones, winner of the first literature contest of the Universidad de Guadalajara. She is an avid traveler who hopes to inspire her students to travel and see the world by themselves.
  • Pronunciation of words and phrases as well as scripted responses.
  • Native speaker pronunciation samples.
  • System feedback on student pronunciation.
  • Recording of student sample.
  • Quizzes focused on vocabulary.
  • Audio-enhanced Flashcards for vocabulary.
  • Results screens show progress and achievement.
1. Hola, ¿qué tal? – Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: The alphabet. Numbers 0-100. Classroom vocabulary. Greetings. Descriptive adjectives.
2. ¿Cómo es tu vida? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Family members and common pets. Academic subjects.
3. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Seasons, weather, clothing and colors. Days of the week, months and time.
4. ¿Dónde vives? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Places in a city. Rooms of a house, furniture and appliances.
5. ¿Estás feliz en el trabajo? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Adjectives of emotion and physical states. Professions.
6. ¿Cómo pasas el día? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Parts of the body. Sports and outdoor activities.
7. ¿Qué te gusta comer? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Fruit, vegetables and condiments. Meals and utensils. Numbers above 100.
8. ¿Qué haces dentro y fuera de la casa? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Household chores. Hobbies and pastimes.
9. ¿Qué pasó? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Parties and celebrations. Navigating the city.
10. ¿Adónde vas a viajar? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Taking a trip. Staying in a hotel.
11. ¿Es la moda arte? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Shopping for clothing. Art.
12. ¿Qué será de nuestro planeta? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Geography and environment. Animals.
13. ¿Es tu vida una telenovela? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Personal relations. Popular culture.
14. ¿Qué haces en una emergencia? Flashcards – Pronunciation practice.
VOCABULARY: Health and medical emergencies. Countries and nationalities.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Instructor's Manual, Answer Key, Audioscript

ISBN: 9781305257696
Provided to instructors to share with students at their discretion, the Answer Key provides answers to the activities and the Audioscript provides scripts for all of the recorded material contained in the Student Activities Manual.

Audio CD

ISBN: 9781305257689
Includes all audio files to accompany the listening sections of the Exploraciones Testing Program.


ISBN: 9781305257702
EXPLORACIONES offers three types of videos: New video in the A analizar section models usage of the chapter’s active grammatical concepts in context. The Exploraciones profesionales video segment focuses on the practical use of Spanish in the working world. This section features a variety of professional fields, from elementary education to retail sales to nursing. The segments are closely tied to the chapter theme, grammar, and vocabulary. Exploraciones also includes Geo-Cultural clips to accompany the country profiles included in the Exploraciones del mundo hispano. The video highlights important points of interest of each of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Audio CD with 6 CDs

ISBN: 9781305257665
All recorded material, including dialogues, simulated conversations, and pronunciation practice is provided to instructors on the Student Activities Manual Audio Program.



ISBN: 9781305257702

Audio CD with 6 CDs

ISBN: 9781305257665