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English and Communication for Colleges 4th Edition

Thomas L. Means

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2001, 1997, 1990
  • 640 Pages


ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION FOR COLLEGES brings an innovative approach to teaching better written and oral communication skills. The text is perfect for a solid introductory course to prepare students for the workplace. By combining the best of English and Communication principles, students learn to apply their skills to realistic business documents. Better communicators get better jobs!

Thomas L. Means,

Dr. Tom Means taught business communication courses at Louisiana Tech University for 25 years. Because he believes that strong communication skills are critical to a person¿s success and individual satisfaction, he taught his business communication courses with simplicity, intensity, and enthusiasm. His classroom assignments were practical and as real-world as possible yet involved both writing and interpersonal skills. As department head, he developed and led a business advisory council which helped develop departmental curriculums. He is an active member of the Association for Business Communication and has served as President of its Southwest region. In recognition of his teaching, service, and research, Dr. Means was named one of Louisiana Tech University¿s Distinguished Professors in 1994.
  • New text format makes it easier to complete business English activities and chapter checkpoints. The Study Guide offers new and revised activities.
  • Think Critically questions within the chapter sections challenge students to consider key topics or issues.
  • Focus features on ethics, diversity, technology, and employability are integrated throughout the text and flagged with icons when a particular focus is addressed.
  • Customer-friendly Web site design and Web pages creation has been added to the customer service chapter.
  • The companion Web site at contains additional resources�such as links for chapter Internet activities, model documents, information about citation styles, and a list of frequently misspelled and misused words--for both students and instructors.
  • Variety of activities at the end of each section and chapter provide the opportunity to apply technology, develop editing and proofreading skills, and gain knowledge in realistic workplace scenarios and situations.
  • Integration of diversity issues and ethics throughout covers interpersonal communication skills across cultures, as well as a discussion of ethics, including confidentiality, privacy, electronic rights, information security, honesty, and plagiarism.
  • Case Studies require students to apply what they have learned in a chapter with minimal supervision.
  • Integration of technology is assured with a new chapter on workplace technology--featuring e-mail, cell phones, message systems, networks, portable computers, and podcast training materials.
  • Both poorly and well-written messages are illustrated to provide ineffective/effective models of writing. Callouts highlight important features.
  • Key Points state the essential or most important idea in a text discussion.
  • Many opportunities to write, edit, revise, and proofread are provided throughout the text, particularly in the end-of-chapter applications and the Study Guide.
  • Summaries focus on the main point of each chapter and reinforce the materials presented.
1. Communicating in Your Life.
2. Diversity and Ethics.
3. The Foundation of English Grammar.
4. Expanding on Grammar Foundations.
5. Developing the Mechanics of Writing.
6. Continuing the Mechanics of Writing.
7. Writing with Style.
8. Writing E-Mails, Memos, and Letters.
9. Writing to Your Clients and Customers.
10. Writing Reports.
11. Graphics and Visual Aids
12. Technical Communication.
13. Technology in the Workplace.
14. Communicating with Customers.
15. Building Strong Customer Relations.
16. Presentations, Meetings, and Teams.
17. Getting a Job.
Proofreader's Marks.
Appendix: Answers to Checkpoints.

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Student Workbook

ISBN: 9780538729949
Includes activities with additional opportunities to apply concepts from the chapter.

Annotated Instructor's Edition

ISBN: 9780538729932
The comprehensive instructor's edition includes chapter-specific overviews, teaching suggestions, and solutions. The annotated text includes: *Checkpoint answers. *Teaching tips, additional resources, multimedia support, and technology connections. *Short answer keys.


Student Workbook

ISBN: 9780538729949
Succeed in your English and Communication course with the Student Workbook for ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION FOR COLLEGES that provides activities with additional opportunities to apply each chapter's concepts.

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