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Economic Issues and Policy 6th Edition

Jacqueline Murray Brux

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2011
  • 480 Pages


Significantly revised to reflect the sweeping changes in today's economy and government, the 6th edition of Brux's ECONOMIC ISSUES AND POLICY provides your students with a solid, practical understanding of basic economic tools as readers analyze important economic issues and related policy perspectives. Accomplished author Jacqueline Murray Brux presents economic theory within a simple, market-oriented framework at a level of technicality that is deliberately appropriate for a basic first course in economics created for non-majors. Complex topics more appropriate for a Principles of Economics course are excluded or presented within appendices for your flexibility in coverage. The book effectively balances liberal and conservative economic viewpoints while analyzing contemporary economic situations and the implications of emerging policies. Proven global and multicultural features and discussion questions engage readers and encourage students to become involved in the key economic issues being discussed. ECONOMIC ISSUES AND POLICY, 6E provides your students with a meaningful foundation to understand and respond to today's most important economic issues.

Jacqueline Murray Brux, University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Jacqueline Murray Brux received her Ph.D. in Economics in 1983 from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. A respected economic professional, Dr. Brux's area of expertise is the economic development of developing countries. Her research encompasses the area of economic development, with special focus on women in development and the effects of structural reforms. Dr. Brux's international experiences include work and research in the countries of Burkina Faso and Ghana in West Africa; Mexico, Chile, and Cuba in Latin America; Russia; and Vietnam.
  • The 16 Chapters Are Divided Into Five Logical Sections. Sections include "Introduction to Economics, Scarcity, Public Goods, and Spillovers," "The Economics of Social Issues," "Global Poverty, Agriculture, and Trade," "Efficiency and Stability Issues," and "You and the World Around You." Students will appreciate the logic and continuity of topics.
  • Updates Throughout This New Edition Reflect Today's Most Current Economic Issues and Policies. This edition particularly highlights recent weak economic conditions and recent financial crises, as well as the policies of the first and second Obama administrations.
  • Significant Updates To Key Chapters Address Housing, Unemployment and Other Current Topics Of Concern. Your students learn from current statistics and the latest developments in areas such as housing, market power, unemployment, macroeconomic policy, world poverty, global agriculture, and international trade.
  • Updated Data Tables Reflect Today's Most Current Statistics and Information. All discussions related to data tables are also updated to keep classroom discussion contemporary and relevant to today's issues.
  • Learning Features Encourage Student Involvement In Topics. One Final Note features, usually at the end of chapters, and Discussion and Action Questions encourage readers to become involved with the various economic issues discussed.
  • Book's Presentation Offers Ideal Technical Level For Students New To Economics. Economic tools are carefully chosen as appropriate for an issues course with no prerequisites. Complex topics more appropriate for the Principles course, such as marginal analysis, are excluded from this text or relegated to appendices. Graphical analysis concentrates on two basic models: production possibilities and demand/supply to ensure student comprehension.
  • Balanced Policy Perspectives Present Both Conservative and Liberal Economic Outlooks. "Viewpoint: Conservative vs. Liberal" sections in each chapter present diverse policy perspectives, giving students a framework within which to understand their own economic philosophies. The economic definitions of "conservative" and "liberal" are carefully defined to help students differentiate from their more familiar political/social definitions.
  • Discussion Questions Provide Critical Online and Hands-On Practice. End-of-chapter Discussion Questions include Internet activities that introduce the student to key economic Web sites that may be useful both immediately and later in their careers.
  • Global And Multicultural Icons Bring Additional Attention To These Distinct Issues. Icons appear adjacent to material about international issues and diversity. As the nation becomes more diverse and the world more internationally connected, students increasingly need this information.
1. Introduction.
2. Crime and Drugs.
3. The Environment.
4. Education.
5. Discrimination.
6. U.S. Poverty.
7. Housing.
8. Health Care.
9. Social Security.
10. World Poverty.
11. Global Agriculture.
12. International Trade.
13. Market Power.
14. Unemployment and Inflation.
15. Government Macroeconomic Policy.
16. Taxes, Borrowing, and the National Debt.

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  • ISBN-10: 133700197X
  • ISBN-13: 9781337001977
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  • ISBN-10: 1285448774
  • ISBN-13: 9781285448770
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $243.75
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