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Both comprehensive and captivating, EAST ASIA: A CULTURAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL HISTORY, 3E features the latest scholarship on the cultural, political, economic, and intellectual history of China, Japan, and Korea--giving special emphasis to gender and material culture. Full color inserts on such topics as food, clothing, and art objects illustrate the rich artistic heritage of East Asia and bolster the coverage of material culture. A range of primary source documents spotlights women's independence, students-turned-soldiers, and other stirring issues, while intriguing biographical sketches throughout highlight the lives of popular figures as well as ordinary people. In addition, insightful "Connections" features provide an international context for the history of East Asia, exploring topics like the origin and spread of Buddhism and the global perspective of World War II.

Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington, Seattle

Patricia B. Ebrey is Professor with Joint Appointment: Early Imperial China, Song Dynasty at the University of Washington in Seattle. In addition to THE CAMBRIDGE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF CHINA (Cambridge University Press, 1996), she has published numerous journal articles. Her monographs include THE INNER QUARTERS: MARRIAGE AND THE LIVES OF CHINESE WOMEN IN THE SUNG PERIOD (University of California Press, 1993) and CONFUCIANISM AND FAMILY RITUALS IN IMPERIAL CHINA: A SOCIAL HISTORY OF WRITING ABOUT RITES (Princeton University Press, 1991). She is also author of CHINA: A CULTURAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL HISTORY (Houghton Mifflin, 2006). She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1975.

Anne Walthall, University of California, Irvine

Anne Walthall is Professor of Japanese History at the University of California, Irvine. She has published numerous journal articles in English, French, and Japanese. Her monographs include SOCIAL PROTEST AND POPULAR CULTURE IN EIGHTEENTH CENTURY JAPAN (Association for Asian Studies, 1986), PEASANT UPRISINGS IN JAPAN: A CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF PEASANT HISTORIES (University of Chicago Press, 1991), and THE WEAK BODY OF A USELESS WOMAN: MATSUO TASEKO AND THE MEIJI RESTORATION (University of Chicago Press, 1998). In addition, she edited THE HUMAN TRADITION IN MODERN JAPAN (Scholarly Resources, 2002) and SERVANTS OF THE DYNASTY: PALACE WOMEN IN WORLD HISTORY (University of California Press, 2008) as well as co-edited WOMEN AND CLASS IN JAPANESE HISTORY (University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, 1999) and RECREATING JAPANESE MEN (University of California Press, 2011). She received her Ph.D. from The University of Chicago in 1979.
  • Expanded material on culture includes new coverage of Japanese portrait statues and matchlocks as well as China's recent high-speed trains.
  • Intriguing new biographies spotlight a Korean interpreter, a Japanese radical samurai, and a Chinese geomancer.
  • The Third Edition has added documents from the BOOK OF SONGS for the Zhou period and WILD LILIES for the twentieth century.
  • Offering additional insight, an all-new "Making Comparisons" focuses on languages.
  • Reflecting input from instructors who have used this book in class, the authors added two pedagogical tools: New pronunciation glosses are designed to give students the courage to pronounce foreign words in their heads while reading as well as out loud in class. In addition, new questions added to the end of all documents and biographies help students sharpen their critical thinking skills.
  • Expanded and updated "Connections" features provide an international context for the history of East Asia, helping students see the big picture.
  • Detailed "Connections" features provide an international context for the history of East Asia, including such topics as the origin and spread of Buddhism and a global perspective of World War II.
  • Maximize your course success with COURSEREADER: EAST ASIAN HISTORY, an easy, affordable way to build your own online customizable reader. Searching thousands of primary and secondary sources, readings, and audio and video clips from multiple disciplines, COURSEREADER enables you to select exactly and only the material you want your students to work with. You can also add your own notes to readings. Each primary source is accompanied by an introduction and questions to help students understand the reading.
  • This popular text is also available in two volumes: Pre-Modern (to 1800) and Modern (from 1600).
  • Extremely student friendly, EAST ASIA: A CULTURAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL HISTORY, 3E offers an engaging two-color design, large photos that include four-color inserts, and chapter organization that provides a straightforward chronology.
  • The Third Edition presents just the right mix of social and cultural history coverage to balance the treatment of Korea, China, and Japan.
  • Offering valuable insight, unique "Making Comparisons" provide short essays that compare and contrast subjects--such as food cultures, women's issues, and monarchical institutions--among the cultures of China, Japan, and Korea.
Connections: The Prehistory of East Asia.
1. China in the Bronze Age: The Shang and Western Zhou Dynasties (ca 1500-771 B.C.E.).
2. Philosophers and Warring States During the Eastern Zhou Period (770-256 B.C.E.).
3. The Founding of the Bureaucratic Empire: Qin-Han China (256 B.C.E.-200 C.E.).
Connections: Buddhism.
4. Political Division in China and the Spread of Buddhism (200-580).
5. The Cosmopolitan Empires of Sui and Tang China (581-960).
Connections: Cultural Contract Across Eurasia (600-900).
6. Early Korea to 935.
Making Comparisons: Languages and Writing Systems.
7. Early State and Society in Japan (to 794).
8. China Among Equals: Song, Liao, Xia, and Jin (907-1279).
9. Heian Japan (794-ca. 1180).
Connections: The Mongols.
10. Goryeo Korea (935-1392).
Making Comparisons: Monarchical Institutions.
11. Kamakura Japan (1180-1333).
12. China Under Mongol Rule (1215-1368).
Making Comparisons: Food Cultures.
13. Japan's Middle Ages (1330-1600).
14. The Ming Empire in China (1368-1644).
15. Joseon Korea (1392-1800).
Making Comparisons: Women's Situations.
Connections: Europe Enters the Scene.
16. The Creation of the Manchu Empire (1600-1800).
17. Edo Japan (1603-1800).
Making Comparisons: Neo-Confucianism.
Connections: Western Imperialism (1800-1900).
18. China in Decline (1800-1900).
19. Japan in Turmoil (1800-1867).
20. Meiji Transformation (1868-1900).
21. Korea in the Turbulent Nineteenth Century (1800-1895).
Making Comparisons: Slavery.
22. Rise of Modern Japan (1900-1931).
23. Modernizing Korea and Colonial Rule (1896-1945).
24. Remaking China (1900-1927).
Connections: World War II.
25. War and Revolution, China (1927-1949).
26. War and Aftermath in Japan (1931-1964).
27. China Under Mao (1949-1976).
28. Korea (1945 to the Present).
29. Contemporary Japan (1965 to the Present).
Making Comparisons: Popular Religion.
30. China Since Mao (1976 to the Present).
Connections: East Asia in the Twenty-First Century.

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