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Doble vía: Comunicación en español, Standalone | 1st Edition

Ronald J. Friis/Tatiana Séeligman
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ISBN: 9780495915096
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iLrn Language Learning Center for Doble via: Comunicacion en espanol

ISBN-13: 9780495915119
The text's new Premium Website is your one-stop portal to an online suite of digital resources. You will have complimentary access to the complete in-text audio program in mp.3 format, auto-graded vocabulary and grammar quizzes, cultural Web search activities, and chapter-specific Web links. Premium password-protected content resources include the complete SAM audio program, Videoteca video segments in mp.4 format, the complete video program, audio-enhanced flashcards, links to pronunciation podcasts (available for purchase), and games such as Concentration & Crossword Puzzles, and glossary. You can access the premium assets by packaging a printed access card with a new copy of the text for a nominal fee.

About This Product

DOBLE VÍA is a groundbreaking Spanish conversation program written to help students bridge the gap from the Intermediate to the Advanced ACTFL levels of proficiency. DOBLE VÍA uses a stepped approach to prepare students for global citizenship through self-reflection and thoughtful exploration of Hispanic cultures and communities. Students are encouraged to learn more about themselves, explore Hispanic cultures, and connect to the Spanish-speaking community. An innovative video program and engaging online practice extend the topics and structures covered in the text to provide uniquely personalized contexts in which students can sustain conversations, and improve their accuracy before taking a culture and civilization course or studying abroad.

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