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DEWALT® Plumbing Code Reference 3rd Edition

American Contractors Exam Services

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Only the industry leader in contractor education can give your students a resource like this—one that takes a straightforward, illustrated approach to explain the most important and commonly used codes in the 2015 International Plumbing Code®. This valuable guide transforms the sometimes complex jargon frequently associated with the code into clear, relatable terms, giving students a context for understanding the information covered. With 70+ pages of illustrated code requirements, violations, installation concerns, and coverage that includes everything from material requirements to framing notching. The DEWALT® PLUMBING CODE REFERENCE, 3RD EDITION, is a must-have resource for anyone in or entering the plumbing field.

American Contractors Exam Services,

American Contractors Exam Services has successfully prepared candidates for state required licensing exams since 1991. A team of full time instructors comprises field experience, training expertise, and formal education to formulate an effective and dynamic approach to concisely present pertinent test information in a seminar format. The seminars are conducted throughout the United States utilizing multi-media and interactive technology.
  • Clarifies critical concepts with full-color, three-dimensional illustrations.
  • Provides easily accessible, at-your-fingertips information with the easy-to-use quick reference format.
  • Offers valuable information everywhere you go with its convenient size and durable material that can withstand even the toughest shop and jobsite conditions.

DEWALT® Plumbing Code Reference


1. Materials.
Materials to use for Drains and Vents. Materials to use for Water Piping. Pipe Fittings. P-Trap and Prohibited Traps. Traps. Hangers and Supports. Valves.
2. APWA Uniform Color Code.
3. Permits and Inspection.
4. Trenching, Excavation, and Backfill.
Trenching, Excavation, and Backfill. Types of Trenching.
5. Cutting and Notching.
Non-Load Bearing Partition. Load Bearing Partition.
6. Testing Procedures.
Water Supply System Methods for Testing. Drain and Vent Methods for Testing. Gauges.
7. Bathroom.
Layout. Minimum Code Requirements. Vent and Drain Options. Drain Pipes. Vent Termination. Cleanouts. Water Piping – Hot and Cold Water Lines. Water Closet. Lavatory. Showers. Bathtub. Hydromassage Bathtub.
8. Utility Room.
Automatic Washing Machine. Utility Sink.
9. Kitchen.
Sinks. Air Admittance Valves. Island Fixture Venting.
10. Water Heaters.
Attic Installation. Water Heater. Venting and Flues. Required Vent Diameter. Vent Termination. Tankless Water Heater.
11. Freezing, Protection of Pipes.
12. Lawn Irrigation.
13. Cross Connections.
14. Sill Cocks.
15. Backflow Prevention.
Air Gap. Definitions. Double Check Valve and Reduced Pressure Principle. Atmospheric and Pressure Vacuum Breakers.
16. Isometrics.
Understanding Isometrics. Symbols. Commercial Restrooms. Commercial Restrooms – Lavatories. Commercial Restrooms – Water Closets.
17. IPC Tables.
E-103 3(2): Load Values Assigned to Fixturesa. 605 3: Water Service Pipe. 906 1: Maximum Distance of Fixture Trap from Vent. 308 5: Hanger Spacing. 909 3: Wet Vent Size. 604 4: Maximum Flow Rates and Consumption for Plumbing Fixtures and Fixture Fittings. 604 5: Minimum Size of Fixture Water Supply Pipes. 709 1: Drainage Fixture Units for Fixtures and Groups. 710 1(1): Building Drains and Sewers. 710 1(2): Horizontal Fixture Branches and Stacksa. 702 1: Above Ground Drainage and Vent Pipe. 608 1: Application of Backflow Preventers. E201 1: Minimum Size of Water Meters, Mains and Distribution Piping Based on Water Supply Fixture Unit Valves. 916 1: Size and Developed Length of Stack Vents and Vent Stacks.
18. IRC Tables.
G2427 6 3: Roof Slope. G2428 2(1), [504 2(1)]: Type B Double-Wall Gas Vent.
19. Appendix.
Appendix A: Types of Soil and Allowable Slopes. Appendix B: Safety Guidelines and Terms Used in Grading.
20. Abbreviations.