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Delmar Online Training Simulation: Residential Wiring 2014 | 1st Edition

Interplay Learning
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About This Product

Delmar Online Training Simulation: Residential Wiring 2014 (DOTS: RW) guides your students from the basics of residential wiring through actual room-by-room installation in a safe, 3D learning environment. This engaging digital simulation, unlike any other, brings difficult concepts to life through engaging activities. DOTS: RW brings chapters 8 – 18 from the widely used Electrical Wiring Residential, 18th Edition, to life where students can practice wiring 11 different rooms of a house (can be used without book). The simulation is divided into three clear sections. Students initially focus on understanding and mastering wiring basics, including the single-pole switch, three-way switches, GFCI outlets, and more. In the second section, students practice wiring a full 3D house, room-by-room, starting with the wire diagrams through completing the installation. In the final section, students learn to effectively apply the National Electric Code (NEC) to lifelike situations. Each section features dynamic feedback reports on your students’ performances that encourage their advancement and ensure mastery of the skills they need. The achievements dashboard shows how well a user performed on wiring each room and the feedback report provides assessment details.

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