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DATO: Diagnostic Scenarios for Manual Transmissions - Cengage Learning Hosted Instant Access Code 1st Edition

Delmar Cengage Learning

  • Published
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DELMAR AUTOMOTIVE TRAINING ONLINE (DATO): DIAGNOSTIC SCENARIOS FOR MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS creates a media-rich learning experience that challenges learners to master diagnostic and repair practices in 62 realistic scenarios. Learning Mode offers an array of help, while Challenge Mode requires learners to perform repairs and fill out repair orders correctly. Each scenario addresses a simulated problem on a specific vehicle and teaches a structured diagnostic process that starts with a customer-stated concern on a repair order and ends with repair verification. Videos and animations simulate a real shop environment while an audio track includes real automotive sound effects for symptoms and diagnosis. DATO supports NATEF's online standards.

  • 62 realistic and highly interactive repair scenarios covering all 8 ASE/NATEF areas use a structured process to take the student from seeing a customer concern on a repair order to verifying the repair on a specific make/model.
  • To arrive at the correct cause and correction, learners must read and interpret OEM service information and wiring diagrams in selected DATO scenarios and students prove their understanding of wiring diagrams by isolating circuits and applying assigned color codes.
  • DATO's Learning Mode offers support with embedded Help Cues, Tips, Knowledge Checks, Diagnostic Strategy Checkpoints, and selective coaching from Norm, the Shop Foreman.
  • Challenge Mode is an extended test in which the help features are removed. Challenge Mode requires the student to work independently through the entire scenario from beginning to end, complete the repair successfully, fill in Cause and Correction on the repair order without assistance, and achieve satisfactory scores on assessments.
  • Scenarios address and thoroughly teach specific, diagnostic-oriented NATEF Tasks in each course area.
  • Closed-captioning available at the touch of a button for those hearing-impaired.
Scenarios are organized around groups of diagnostic-oriented NATEF Tasks, as follows:
Manual Transmissions (6 Scenarios).
Scenario 1: Diagnose a transmission fluid leak concern.
Scenario 2: Diagnose a transmission noise concern.
Scenario 3: Diagnose a transmission electrical concern.
Scenario 4: Diagnose a transmission shift concern.
Scenario 5: Diagnose a driveline concern.
Scenario 6: Diagnose a differential noise concern.

  • ISBN-10: 1111316996
  • ISBN-13: 9781111316990
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $44.00
  • RETAIL $44.00