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Curren's Math for Meds: Dosages and Solutions 11th Edition

Anna M. Curren, Margaret Witt

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2009, 2005, 2000
  • 384 Pages


Now in its 11th Edition, CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS is the preeminent authority on drug dosage calculations, ratio and proportion, and medication safety. Often imitated yet never equaled, the book delivers proven material with a concisely organized approach that takes readers from basic to complex using a building block approach. Coverage begins with chapters designed to review and confirm basic math principles. Common drug measures are introduced next, followed by detailed lessons on medication labels and dosage calculations. Instructions on body weight and body surface area, intravenous calculations, and pediatric medication calculations follow. This new edition of CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS features full-color photos of drug labels and syringes, as well as hundreds of examples, practice problems, self-test questions, and FREE online interactive software for developing learners into safe and effective practitioners. Deliver your course with help from the master, Anna Curren, and CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS, 11th Edition—the only calculations text to reach more than a million learners!

Anna M. Curren,

Anna Curren has been writing inspired clinical textbooks for more than 40 years. A nurse and former Associate Professor at California's Long Beach City College, she first wrote this text when the one she was using bore no resemblance to her students' clinical needs. Her graduate degree in instructional design, along with many student and instructor reviews, helped her create what is now the most adopted text on the subject. Also a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Curren founded Wallcur, Inc., a company which produces instructional products, including Injecta-Pad, Practi-Amp, Practi-Insulin Training Pack, and other learning resources. Ms. Curren also wrote the best-selling Dimensional Analysis For Meds, also by Cengage Learning.

Margaret Witt,

Margaret Witt is a nurse and physical therapist with more than 26 years of experience, including in the operating room and as a flight nurse. A retired Major in the US Air Force, Dr. Witt spent many years instructing and evaluating flight nurses, as well as writing, reviewing, and enforcing nursing regulations. She is currently Head and Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Department at Spokane Veterans Administration Hospital in Washington. Hand-picked by Anna Curren to lead future editions of CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS, Dr. Witt contributes unrivaled professional experience and training to this always popular book.
  • More Concise Presentation: An even greater focus on the working essentials of arithmetic, abbreviations, symbols, conversions, reading drug labels, and dosage problems—without extraneous details—gives readers the precise information they need .
  • New Online Resources: A new robust companion premium website delivers practice questions, self-tests and quizzes, interactive exercises, an audio glossary, and more!
  • New Online Quizzing and Ebook: A new CourseMate includes powerpoint slides, quizzing, and an ebook with highlighting and note-taking capability.
  • Unrivaled Effectiveness: Ongoing content testing, student reviews, and instructor feedback help keep information accurate and up-to-date, while maintaining the book's focus on need-to-know content.
  • Current Safety Requirements: A chapter on Safe Medication Administration highlights the newest regulations on medication abbreviations, rights involved with medication administration, reducing dosage errors, and safe medication practices.
  • Unconventional Conversions: Chapters on Dimensional Analysis and the Formula Method help readers master alternate methods for finding solutions to difficult dosage questions.
  • Clinical Applications: Photos of full-size medication labels and syringes, real medical records, and examples expressed in multiple systems of measurement (metric, unit , and mEq) build confidence and add depth to readers' growing expertise.
  • Specialized Calculations: Advanced calculations for IV, heparin, critical care, and pediatric dosages, in addition to the most common dosage calculations, prepare readers for success in any health care setting.
  • Clear, Concise Content: Non-threatening explanations without extraneous material, along with the consistent layout instructors and readers want, help make this book the market favorite.
  • Best-Selling Delivery: A systematic approach introduces the reader to basic calculations and topics, gradually building upon them to introduce and explain complex concepts.
  • Unequaled Practice: Running answers to in-book exercises give immediate feedback, while the included FREE online interactive software provides extra examples and problems, helpful tutorials, and interactive self-tests designed to help learners excel at dosage calculations.
1. Relative Value, Addition and Subtraction of Decimals.
2. Multiplication and Division of Decimals.
3. Solving Common Fraction Equations.
4. Metric, International (SI) System.
5. Unit, Percentage, Milliequivalent, Ratio,and HouseholdMeasures.
6. Oral Medication Labels.
7. Safe Medication Administration.
8. Hypodermic Syringe Measurement.
9. Reading Parenteral Medication Labels.
10. Reconstitution of Powdered Drugs.
11. Measuring Insulin Dosages.
12. Ratio and Proportion.
13. Dimensional Analysis/Units Conversion.
14. Formula Method.
15. Adult and Pediatric Dosages Based on Body Weight.
16. Adult and Pediatric Dosages Based on Body Surface Area.
17. Introduction to IV Therapy.
18. IV Flow Rate Calculation.
19. Calculating IV Infusion and Completion Times.
20. IV Medication and Titration Calculations.
21. Heparin Infusion Calculations.
22. Pediatric Oral and Parenteral Medications.
23. Pediatric Intravenous Medications.

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