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Cultural Competence, Practice Stages, and Client Systems: A Case Study Approach 1st Edition

Doman Lum

  • Published
  • 408 Pages


Bringing together two practice themes--culturally competent practice and practice process stages--Lum's book helps social work students, faculty, and practitioners implement culturally competent principles to the beginning, middle, and ending stages of their work with culturally diverse clients. Additional material, provided by guest contributors, applies these principles to ethnic diverse groups, gender and sexual orientation diverse groups, transitional diverse groups, and age-related diverse groups and include accompanying case studies and exercises.

Doman Lum, Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento

Doman Lum is professor emeritus of social work at California State University, Sacramento. He was recently featured in CELEBRATING SOCIAL WORK: FACES AND VOICES OF FORMATIVE YEARS, a book commemorating social work and social work education. His previous texts include SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE AND PEOPLE OF COLOR: A PROCESS-STAGE APPROACH; MULTIDIMENSIONAL PRACTICE: DIVERSITY IN CONTEXT; CULTURAL COMPETENCE, PRACTICE STAGES AND CLIENT SYSTEMS: A CASE STUDY APPROACH; SOCIAL WORK AND HEALTH CARE POLICY; and RESPONDING TO SUICIDAL CRISIS. He has written articles on Asian Americans, health care delivery and health maintenance organizations, culturally diverse social work practice, suicide prevention, and pastoral counseling. Dr. Lum is a consulting editor for THE JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN SOCIAL WORK and ARETE, and has been on the board of directors and the Commission on Accreditation for the Council on Social Work Education. He received the Distinguished Recent Contributions in Social Work Education award from the Council on Social Work Education in 2000. He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, Northern California Conference.
1. Cultural Competence and Process Stages.
2. Social Work Practice with First Nations Peoples.
3. Social Work Practice with African Americans.
4. Social Work Practice with Latino Americans.
5. Social Work Practice with Asian Americans.
6. Social Work Practice with the Multiracial and Multiethnic.
7. Social Work Practice with Women of Color.
8. Social Work Practice with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People.
9. Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees.
10. Social Work Practice with Persons with Disabilities.
11. Social Work Practice with Older Adults of Color.
12. Epilogue.

"How the content is presented (i.e. demographics, historical oppression, theory, skills and case studies) is very consistent with what we try to achieve in our curriculum content. Also the clear articulation of cultural competence is quite important for our students to understand."

"This is a substantive practice-oriented book that is filled with content relevant to all persons who are affiliated with social and human services. It is a useful source for students and social service professionals in all areas and contexts, including those engaged as administrators, managers, supervisors, community organizers and social service practitioners." "It provides good current content on cultural competence, practice and process stages, and it provides good case studies of diverse populations. It includes what I look for in a text: knowledge and skills for practice."

"This text is very much needed because it brings together cultural competence and practice process steps."

"Great balance of historical knowledge and its applicability to client experiences. Good case studies, and assistance with questions for discussion."