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Critical Thinking: A User's Manual 2nd Edition

Debra Jackson | Paul Newberry

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CRITICAL THINKING: A USER'S MANUAL, 2nd Edition, offers a skill-based approach to critical thinking that provides for recognizing, analyzing, diagramming, and evaluating arguments. Later chapters encourage application of the basic skills to categorical, truth-functional, analogical and inductive, causal arguments, and fallacies. Multiple opportunities for practice ensure that students apply what they've learned and the variety of exercises allow for group work, reflection, and writing practice as well as traditional homework exercises. The exercises also engage readers in active learning and emphasize skill transference. Aplia is available and provides additional critical thinking practice with automatic grading and immediate feedback.

Debra Jackson, California State University Bakersfield

Dr. Debra Jackson has taught at CSU Bakersfield since 2002 and has been tenure-track faculty since 2005. She completed her PhD in Philosophy with a minor in Women's Studies at Purdue University in 2002.

Paul Newberry, California State University Bakersfield

Dr. Paul Newberry received his PhD from Claremont Graduate University. He is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Cal State Bakersfield and served on the faculty task force that helped develop the CSUB general education assessment plan and co-directed the first critical thinking assessment.

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Aplia™ significantly improves outcomes and promotes critical thinking by increasing student effort and engagement.
  • "Your Turn!" exercises are interspersed throughout the text to help students focus their reading, check their understanding, and prepare for classroom discussion. These activities help students to apply, synthesize, and analyze what they are learning in terms of their own understanding and experiences.
  • The "Putting it All Together" feature at the end of each chapter provides a comprehensive writing exercise which requires students to integrate all previously learned skills with those learned in that chapter.
  • The text offers opportunities to apply the skills students learn in a special exercise, "One Step Further," included at the end of Chapters 2–12. Examples of arguments encountered in further course work in students' academic career provide the foundation for this additional and stimulating practice.
  • The skill-building approach employed in CRITICAL THINKING: A USER'S MANUAL helps students to cumulatively develop the basic skills of argument recognition, analysis, and evaluation.
  • Clear, conversational, step-by-step explanations and workbook-style features make complex course material manageable and accessible. Multiple opportunities for practice in a variety of formats ensure that students apply what they have learned, regardless of their dominant learning style. Aplia, which is available with the text, provides online homework with automatic grading and immediate feedback.
  • Students are introduced to Bloom's Taxonomy early in the text, and are shown throughout the book how they are developing the higher-order thinking skills identified in the upper levels of the taxonomy.

Critical Thinking: A User's Manual


1. Thinking Critically.
2. Recognizing Arguments.
3. Analyzing Arguments.
4. Diagramming Arguments.
5. Preparing to Evaluate Arguments.
6. Evaluating Categorical Arguments.
7. Evaluating Truth-Functional Arguments.
8. Evaluating Analogical Arguments.
9. Evaluating Inductive Generalizations.
10. Evaluating Causal Arguments.
11. Detecting Fallacies.
12. Constructing Arguments.
Supplementary Chapters.
13. Evaluating Categorical Arguments Supplement.
14. Evaluating Truth-Functional Arguments Supplement.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.



ISBN: 9781285428055
Additional suggestions and instructional materials for demonstrating skills for argument recognition, analysis, and evaluation in longer writing assignments are available on the course website.

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