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Counseling Adolescents and Children: Developing Your Clinical Style 1st Edition

Deanna S. Pledge

  • Published
  • 352 Pages


This book provides readers with an understanding of theoretical bases, the counseling process, specific problems and disorders, and the professional issues that surround the work of counseling children and adolescents. Its unique child-centered, family approach to counseling emphasizes the interaction and assistance of family members, which is critical in the counseling process. Within the text's discussion of empirical knowledge regarding various aspects of working with children, adolescents, and families, Pledge offers practical information that students can readily apply to their work.

Deanna S. Pledge, Stephens College; University of Missouri- Columbia

Dr. Pledge is a psychologist in private practice and an author, who teaches at a local college (assistant professor in the graduate counseling program at Stephens College) and university (adjunct professor, University of Missouri-Columbia). She has been in private practice for over ten years, and her practice includes individual (adult, child, and adolescent) therapies and couples/family therapy. Interactions with the community include presentations, workshops, and consultation with families, agencies, and other professionals, including a weekly informational segment as part of the local news broadcast. Areas of specialty include child and adolescent therapies, women's issues, trauma/abuse treatment, family and group therapies, attention deficit, mood disorders, grief and loss, adjustment to life events and transitions, and journal writing. She has served as an ad hoc reviewer for THE COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST. She has contributed to GALE GROUP ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MENTAL ILLNESS and ERIC DIGEST. In addition to this book, she has published a book about abuse for teens with Free Spirit Publishing, entitled WHEN SOMETHING FEELS WRONG.
1. Developmental Phases.
2. Family Issues.
3. Application of Theory.
4. Early Stages of Counseling.
5. Working Stages of Counseling.
6. Termination.
7. Mood Disorders.
8. Behavior Disorders.
9. Developmental Disorders.
10. Normal Developmental challenges.
11. Bias and Ethics.
12. Professional Issues across Treatment Settings.

"This text is well written, comprehensive, and accurate in providing a variety of critical information pertaining to clinical practice with both children and adolescents."

"I give COUNSELING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS my complete endorsement as a text for beginning and seasoned counselors. The text is well written, effectively organized, and loaded with useful information that will prove to be an invaluable resource for those in the field and a helpful teaching tool for counselor educators working with counselors in training. I believe the author was successful in developing a manuscript that is a powerful blend of the theoretical and the practical and is written in the context of a family systems approach that places as much emphasis on the family as it does on the client being served. I also appreciate a well-researched manuscript that is presented in a conversational style of writing in which the reader is guided by a trained therapist and supervisor with many years of practical experience. This manuscript provides the kind of hands-on guidance and practical suggestions that are often missing in most textbooks of this type."

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ISBN: 9780534573805