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Civilizacion y cultura | 10th Edition

Lynn A. Sandstedt/Ralph Kite/John G. Copeland
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ISBN: 9781111291778
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Civilizacion y cultura

ISBN-13: 9781439084496
CIVILIZACIÓN Y CULTURA offers a thematic approach to civilization and culture and introduces you to traditional cultural topics and issues in daily life in the Spanish-speaking world. Part of the renowned three-volume INTERMEDIATE SPANISH series, this reader integrates fascinating essays on cultural topics, as well as timely magazine articles and compelling video segments, to present a fresh perspective and different views on the book's theme of the origins of Spanish-speaking culture.

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ISBN-13: 9780495900993
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About This Product

CIVILIZACIÓN Y CULTURA presents a variety of topics related to Hispanic culture. The approach in this reader is thematic rather than purely historical, and the topics offer insights into Hispanic culture as well as interest to students. The exercises are designed to reinforce the development of reading, writing, and speaking skills, to build vocabulary, and to stimulate class discussion.

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