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Conectados 1st Edition

Patti J. Marinelli | Karin Fajardo

  • Published

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  • iLrn Language Learning Center


CONECTADOS is an innovative introductory Spanish program that features of unique blend of online and in-class activities designed to help students connect with the Spanish-speaking world, other academic disciplines, and one another. Instructors and course coordinators can customize this program to meet the needs of students in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Patti J. Marinelli, University of South Carolina

Patti J. Marinelli has had a distinguished career teaching Spanish at the University of South Carolina. The recipient of many university awards, she also was named Teacher of the Year by the South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers' Association in 2008. She has extensive experience coordinating the introductory Spanish program and mentoring graduate teaching assistants at the university. Marinelli has authored two other Spanish textbooks, including the best-selling high beginner textbook Puentes. Both her teaching and writing are informed by her experiences as a certified ACTFL OPI tester and her expertise in standards-based instruction.

Karin Fajardo,

Karin Fajardo is an educational publishing professional who has authored language learning materials for more than a dozen Spanish textbooks across all levels. As a native Spanish speaker who has lived in and traveled extensively throughout Spain and Latin America, her primary focus has been to generate culturally rich interdisciplinary language lessons. Fajardo also is a pioneer in the creation of online products and the development of authentic video for instructional purposes. Her current writing interests focus on self-directed learning.
  • CONECTADOS promotes self-regulated learning. Learners preview the chapter topics; are presented with learning outcomes; work through guided, interactive activities to confirm their understanding of key points; and then reflect on what they have learned. Material is presented in manageable chunks with countless activities and support materials. In addition, formative feedback is provided for all auto-gradable activities in Gramática; students not only find out which items they have answered incorrectly, but also receive detailed explanations so that they better understand the source of their error.
  • Instructors have access to PowerPoint® presentations to use in class. There are three PowerPoints per chapter (one per paso), and they are meant to enhance the in-class experience with visual cues and ideas for in-class communicative activities.
  • An online Instructor Resource Manual provides audio scripts; video scripts; testing guidelines; rubrics; syllabi; and tips on how to manage a flipped, hybrid, or online course.
  • CONECTADOS fosters a sense of community within the classroom through social networking-type activities (Nosotros/Share It!) and a community page. It also connects students with the larger Spanish-speaking community by having them perform real-life tasks using authentic online sites (Exploración).
  • CONECTADOS makes connections with other academic disciplines through the use of video sourced from National Geographic (Reportaje) and readings (Conectados con...). Students learn about a variety of subjects in Spanish and continue their exploration of other academic disciplines in Conexiones y comparaciones activities.
  • CONECTADOS appeals to the millennial generation. It uses current technology that provides a variety of media-rich activities, immediate feedback, and learning through discovery and analysis rather than lectures. In-class activities are engaging, fun, and collaborative.
  • CONECTADOS is flexible, customizable, and easy to use. Conceptualized to be used in face-to-face, hybrid (blended), and fully online courses, it includes convenient syllabi templates for easy planning.
  • CONECTADOS systematically recycles content. As the chapters progress, Practice it! activities and Use it! activities regularly incorporate themes and structures from earlier chapters. In the Communication Manual, the recycling icon indicates content that is reentered and integrated into new material.
  • CONECTADOS has a robust testing program that accommodates many course configurations. The assessment tools include a quiz for every paso and a test for every chapter, as well as midterm and final exams. Online, students can complete self-tests to prepare for the tests and exams. In addition, materials for an Integrated Performance Assessment are provided for every chapter. Rubrics are integrated into the assessments for easier and faster grading of writing and speaking tasks.
  • Students are able to assess themselves via an online self-test (two per chapter), which provides a personalized study plan after they have taken the self-test. The results of the self-tests give students feedback on their strengths and weaknesses of the chapter's material and what they can do to grasp the concepts better. These results link students directly to grammar tutorials, vocabulary flashcards, and specific presentation screens for further study.
  • Conectados is supported by a robust assessment program that is available online and as Microsoft® Word files. Each chapter has two versions of an exam that covers the content and tests the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of the student. There are also midterm and final exams for both two-semester and three-semester configurations. This part of the testing program is accompanied by audio tracks, which are accessible online or on an audio CD. In addition, an Integrated Performance Assessment with a rubric is available for each chapter. For more granular assessments, Paso Level Quizzes are available online. These short, auto-gradable quizzes cover the vocabulary and grammar content presented in a single paso.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Testing Audio CD

ISBN: 9781305268814
The Testing Audio CD contains the audio tracks to accompany the testing program's listening comprehension portion of the chapter tests, midterms, and finals. These brand-new recordings feature the voice talent of native Spanish speakers and are found on one convenient CD.

Instructor's Resource DVD

ISBN: 9781305502857
The DVD to accompany the Conectados program serves as an additional reference tool for instructors, and contains videos that are also featured in iLrn. A series called Perspectivas gets students familiar with native Spanish speakers from all over the world and they get an insight on the culture and daily lives of these young people. To provide even more information about culture, another series of Geo-Cultural videos gives students a deeper understanding of the countries in focus. These videos are referenced throughout the Communication Manual and can be used in traditional classroom settings.