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Computer Networking for LANS to WANS: Hardware, Software and Security 1st Edition

Kenneth C. Mansfield, Jr., James L. Antonakos

  • Published
  • 1024 Pages


Designed for the beginner yet useful for the expert, COMPUTER NETWORKING FROM LANS TO WANS: HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, AND SECURITY covers all aspects of computer networking. Hardware details such as the operation of Ethernet, network media and devices, including hubs, switches, routers, and physical topology, are provided, with many design and troubleshooting examples. Software details such as the operation of the TCP/IP protocols, routing protocols, and network operating systems are examined. Applications, such as FTP, Telnet, and email are explained in detail, as are the requirements of writing client/server applications, with several working examples provided. Techniques for applying security to networking and computing activities are covered, including network management, secure communication methods such as SSH, TLS, and VPN, and the fundamentals of forensics. A strong pedagogical approach introduces each new topic with practical, real-world examples, and step-by-step Hands-On Projects. A companion CD includes videos and numerous files that allow students to perform important hands-on networking, security, and forensic activities.

Kenneth C. Mansfield, Jr., Broome Community College

Kenneth C. Mansfield Jr. is a Professor in the Computer Studies Department at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. He has written over 20 books on networking, operating systems, programming, and computer technology.

James L. Antonakos, Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY

James L. Antonakos is a Professor in the Computer Studies Department at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. He has written over 40 books on electronics, microprocessors, networking, operating systems, and computer technology.
  • This book provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of computer networking, including networking hardware, software (TCP/IP applications and network operating systems), and security (fault tolerance, secure transmissions, computer and network forensics).
  • Numerous figures, tables, Hands-On Projects and Case Projects provide exposure to real-world networking, security, and forensic methods and skills.
  • Coverage of all major network operating systems (Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X, and NetWare).
  • A companion CD provides many files, documentation, and software applications to enhance the hands-on learning and encourage further investigation and skill development.
  • Readers will obtain practical networking knowledge that will be useful in everyday computing activities.
1: What Is A Computer Network?
2: Network Topology.
3: Networking Hardware.
4: Ethernet Technology.
5: Token Ring, Fddi, And Other Lan Technologies.
6: Network Design And Troubleshooting Scenarios.
7: Low-Level Protocols.
8: The Tcp/Ip Protocols.
9: Ipx/Spx, Appletalk, And Other Network Protocols.
10: Switching And Routing.
11: Network Management And Security.
12: Electronic Mail.
13: Ftp And Telnet.
14: Multimedia Networking.
15: The Internet.
16: Writing A Network Application.
17: An Introduction To Networking With Windows.
18: Windows Domains.
19: Unix And Linux.
20: Other Network Operating Systems.
21: Cryptography And Security.
22: Security Hardware.
23: Security Software.
24: Forensic Techniques.
Appendix A: Internet Milestones.
Appendix B: Extended Ascii Character Set.
Appendix C: Modems.
Appendix D: Network, Security, And Forensic Certifications.
Appendix E: Telecommunication Technologies.
Appendix F: Setting Up A Networking Repair Shop.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133477259
  • ISBN-13: 9781133477259
  • STARTING AT $18.49

  • STARTING AT $30.49

  • ISBN-10: 1423903161
  • ISBN-13: 9781423903161
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $144.75
  • RETAIL $192.95

"Excellent text, I found it informative and interesting based on my own computer networking experience. It would be appropriate for an undergraduate course or for a person interested in knowing more about the subject of computer networking. A student should have a good knowledge of using a computer and the Internet, and should also have had some formal programming experience such as C or Java to get value from the programming examples. I agree with the authors that it’s important to have some understanding of the Windows 95/98 as these operating systems are still out there to be debugged and fixed."

"This book is best suited for the introductory course on computer networking. A Computer Technology student in either a Community College or University setting who has an intermediate knowledge of computers would best utilize this book. A student would need a good grounding of basic computer knowledge as a pre-requisite for using this book. I would personally use this book for my introductory course on computer networking as well as some chapters for a computer security course, and keep it around as a good reference book."

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