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Community Counseling: A Multicultural-Social Justice Perspective 4th Edition

Judith A. Lewis, Michael D. Lewis, Judy A. Daniels, Michael J. D'Andrea

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2003, 1998, 1990
  • 360 Pages


Thoroughly revised and updated, COMMUNITY COUNSELING: A MULTICULTURAL-SOCIAL JUSTICE PERSPECTIVE 4e now more than ever clearly describes and illustrates the practice of community counseling by discussing the most current issues and practices for community work in the 21st century. The Fourth Edition gives special emphasis to the practices of diversity, ethics, and the role of the counselor as a change agent and advocate. Focusing on how to promote change and growth, the text delivers proven guidelines for planning and implementing productive community counseling programs. It also provides readers with a basic understanding of the role of the community counselor, the services offered by community agencies, and the settings in which they are offered. Packed with practical, relevant, and timely examples, the text examines four vital facets of counseling: direct community counseling, direct client services (outreach), indirect community services (influencing public policy), and indirect client services (client advocacy).

Judith A. Lewis, Governors State University

Dr. Judith A. Lewis, late, was Professor and Chair of Addictions Studies and Behavioral Health at Governors State University. She retired in 2008. She served as president of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and was a formative contributor to the substance abuse field for many years.

Michael D. Lewis,

Michael D. Lewis, Executive Director, Educational World Charities, Chicago, is Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Psychology at Governors State University. For more than thirty-five years he has consulted with numerous national and international corporations with regard to the implementation of their employee assistance programs. As the originator of the community counseling concept, he has advised educational institutions around the world in countries as diverse as Israel and Botswana. He has co-authored two other Brooks/Cole texts.

Judy A. Daniels, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Judy A. Daniels is a Professor in the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Hawaii. One of her co-authors, Michael D’Andrea, is also her husband.

Michael J. D'Andrea, National Institute for Multicultural Competence

Michael J. D’Andrea is a Professor in the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Hawaii.
  • NEW! Completely current and reflecting the latest practices from the field, the new Fourth Edition of COMMUNITY COUNSELING: A MULTICULTURAL-SOCIAL JUSTICE PERSPECTIVE incorporates the RESPECTFUL model as a way for counselors to be aware of the multidimensional diversity and cultural issues with clients they are working with. Thoroughly integrated, the model is described in detail in Chapter 1 as well as applied throughout the text.
  • NEW! Chapter 1 now includes material on professional ethics, equipping readers with solid information on the ethical decision-making process--which they can immediately start putting into practice. The book continues a strong emphasis on professional ethics throughout, discussing various ethical challenges and responsibilities mental health professionals face when using the Community Counseling Model.
  • NEW! Competency-building Activities are now included in every chapter. Intentionally designed to help the reader move from theory to practice, these activities give students hands-on experience using the Community Counseling Model--which helps them acquire the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for effectively working in various counseling settings.
  • NEW! Thoroughly demonstrating the Community Counseling Model’s effectiveness, the text includes numerous examples of actual programs from across the United States to illustrate how the community counseling model is used to foster the mental health and personal well-being of large numbers of people in this country.
  • NEW! The new edition also includes expanded coverage of the role of the counselor as a social change agent and advocate.
  • This proven textbook integrates the Community Counseling Model throughout the text as an organizing structure to help readers examine and apply the concepts learned in each chapter. This model encourages community workers to evaluate the environment of the client, empower clients, employ a multifaceted environmental approach to helping, recognize diversity, and strive for prevention.
  • Spotlighting current best practices, COMMUNITY COUNSELING, 4e provides examples of outstanding community counseling programs now in operation across the United States.
  • The text’s thorough coverage includes specific references to strategies that foster individual and community empowerment.
  • COMMUNITY COUNSELING is packed with insightful examples of outreach to vulnerable populations, including families coping with marital disruption, farm families faced with economic difficulties, Vietnam veterans, and people with chronic mental health problems.
1. Community Counseling for the 21st Century.
2. The History of the Counseling Profession and the Evolution of the Community Counseling Model.
3. Counseling in Context.
4. Outreach to Distressed and Marginalized Clients.
5. Developmental/Preventive Interventions.
6. Client Advocacy.
7. Community Collaboration and Advocacy.
8. Social/Political Action Strategies.
9. Community Counseling in Diverse Community-Agency Settings.
10. Community Counseling in School Settings.
11. Managing the Community Counseling Program.
12. Preparing the Competent Community Counselor.

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