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Clinical Practice with Adolescents 1st Edition

David G. Martin

  • Published
  • 200 Pages


This text is designed to give sound clinical guidance to those working with adolescents. The guiding philosophy of the text is that the foundation of clinical work with adolescents is the quality of the relationship between the clinician and the adolescent. This text not only helps students understand how to appropriately apply technique and theory but also, more importantly, how to use these effectively within the context of the clinical relationship.

David G. Martin, University of Manitoba

Dr. David Martin is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Manitoba, where he has been teaching for over thirty years. He is the author of five books in psychology and has edited one book. He has won three teaching awards as a university teacher. Most of his professional work is in the area of counseling and psychotherapy. He counsels clients himself and trains future clinical psychologists in counseling and therapy. In 1995, Dr. Martin received the "Clifford Robson Distinguished Psychologist in Manitoba Award." Most of Dr. Martin's clinical work is with adolescents. He does individual and group therapy and has supervised both group and individual therapy with adolescent clients.
1. Working with Adolescents.
2. Working with the Individual: Building an Alliance.
3. Working with the Individual: Techniques May be Secondary, but They are Important.
4. Special Treatment Issues and Behavioral Interventions.
5. Group Therapy.
6. Family Therapy.
7. Treatment Issues with Specific Disorders.

"Excellent, down-to-earth language, very-reader friendly, good clinical advice."

"The writing style of this text is this books strongest quality. The writer is friendly yet obviously knowledgeable about the material. The chapters are well organized. There is sufficient detail with regard to theory and practice but is written in such a way that it won’t overwhelm the novice reader."

"This is a very east to read, practical text for the person who regularly works with normal and troubled adolescents. It places most emphasis on relationship building and on problem solving, rather than preaching to adolescents and on uncovering deep issues within the adolescents’ past. It is filled with techniques that anyone, from parents and teachers to clinical psychologists can use to build relationships with adolescents and to ultimately empower them to solve their own problems."

"I would be thrilled to offer my students with such a comprehensive and accurate text!! In addition, I thoroughly appreciated Martin’s wise suggestions related to basic professional issues encountered by clinicians who work with adolescents. I believe that Martin gave a very REAL discussion of the trials and tribulations when counseling adolescents! Bravo!!"