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Introducing Microsoft® Visual Basic has never been easier! CLEARLY VISUAL BASIC: PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT® VISUAL BASIC 2012, 3E by best-selling programming author Diane Zak uses a simple, proven, step-by-step approach that's ideal for readers learning a first programming language. Clear, brief chapters introduce the latest Visual Basic 2012 in small, manageable segments without cumbersome technical jargon. This easy-to-follow book focuses on the fundamentals, emphasizing broader Visual Studio 2012 methods rather than specific Visual Basic functions, to ensure readers master essential programming skills that can easily transfer to other languages. This innovative approach uses visualization and applications to introduce the basics. Readers learn to analyze problem specification, then plan and create solutions using pseudocode, flowcharts, and desk-check tables for verification prior to executing code. Throughout the book, engaging figures emphasize important programming concepts, while new examples place concepts into meaningful context. Expanded, new exercises and review questions let readers practice what they're learning, while mini-quizzes and "Want More Info?" PDF files further ensure comprehension. Trust CLEARLY VISUAL BASIC: PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT® VISUAL BASIC 2012, 3E for the straight-forward approach to Visual Basic beginning programmers need for future success.

Diane Zak,

Prolific author and respected professional, Diane Zak continues to provide an inspiring and uncomplicated learning experience for students through her widely popular programming books. Recognized for their unique, readable, and friendly style, each book reflects Zak's knowledge of student needs and her extensive understanding of computer programming and its use in business today. Each book is carefully crafted with the modern student in mind. Diane Zak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and a Master of Arts degree in Adult and Continuing Education. She has taught at various computer training centers and most recently served as professor at College of DuPage in Illinois.
  • COVERAGE OF MICROSOFT® VISUAL STUDIO® 2012 EQUIPS READERS TO USE TODAY'S MOST RECENT SOFTWARE ADVANCEMENTS. Now you can prepare students for the next generation of development as this edition explores the most important updates to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2012. All code examples are presented using Windows 8 and have been thoroughly tested using both Windows 7 and 8.
  • FRESH, NEW EXAMPLES DRAWN FROM CONTEMPORARY PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS CLARIFY CONCEPTS. This edition clearly illustrates and clarifies concepts with vivid examples throughout each chapter drawn directly from business today.
  • NEW, EXPANDED REVIEW QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES OFFER ADDITIONAL PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES. This edition now includes ten updated Review Questions in every chapter, as well as numerous new exercises to provide extra choices for applications and study.
  • NEW AND REVISED VIDEOS PUT PRACTICES INTO ACTION. Effective, brief videos created by the book's author build upon explanations from the book to help clarify even the most difficult topics.
  • WIDE SELECTION OF PROVEN EXERCISES CHALLENGES BOTH BEGINNING AND MORE ADVANCED READERS. Each chapter contains a diverse assortment of exercises that feature various types of practice in a range of difficulty. This breadth ensures all types of learners have the opportunity to practice key programming skills.
  • CAREFULLY TAILORED LEARNING FEATURES ENSURE COMPREHENSION AND IMPORTANT PRACTICE. "Read this Before You Begin" section highlights technical information while "Try This" features test readers' understanding of this basics. "Modify This" provides opportunities to manipulate existing programs, "Figure This Out" features focus on code analysis and "Swat the Bugs Exercises" provide critical debugging practice.
  • CLEAR FIGURES AND MEANINGFUL EXAMPLES EMPHASIZE BOTH SYNTAX AND SIGNIFICANCE. Now students can master important programming syntax and follow examples that depict syntax in use to gain a better understanding of meaning.
  • APPROACH EMPHASIZES PROBLEM ANALYSIS, PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF SOLUTIONS. Readers learn to how effectively analyze problem specifications before planning and creating solutions. This edition teaches how to use pseudocode and flowcharts for planning and how to use desk-check tables for verification prior to executing code.
  • SAM TEST BANK HELPS YOU EFFICIENTLY AND THOROUGHLY CHECK READER COMPREHENSION. A premier testing and training tool, SAM builds readers' skills and confidence with a variety of assessment options.
  • CONCISE CHAPTERS ENABLE READERS TO MASTER CONCEPTS IN SMALL, MANAGEABLE SEGMENTS AT A TIME. Most chapters in this concise edition are less than 25 pages, focusing on the key concepts for Visual Basic success.
  • INTRIUGING CHAPTER VIDEOS CLARIFY AND BUILD UPON KEY CONCEPTS. Each chapter offers one or more videos that demonstrate and further explain or expand upon the concepts covered in the chapter. These videos, which include self-review quizzes, can be downloaded at your convenience online at
  • UNIQUE "WANT MORE INFO?" FILES PROVIDE ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES AND EXPANDED EXPLANATIONS OF KEY TOPICS. These popular "Want More Info?" files accompany each chapter to offer additional examples and further explanations of important concepts. For your convenience, these files are available for download in PDF format at
  • VARIETY OF PEDEGOGICAL FEATURES ADDRESS NEEDS OF DIVERSE LEARNING STYLES. This proven book and accomplished author provide the tools readers need to learn most effectively, no matter what their learning style. This edition offers engaging videos for visual and auditory learners as well as hands-on tutorials and "Want More Info?" files for kinesthetic learners.
  • MINI-QUIZZES ENSURE READERS MASTER THE FUNDMENTALS. Strategically placed mini-quizzes test readers' understanding of fundamental topics before they progress to more advanced topics. Convenient provided quiz answers give students immediate feedback and lead to additional opportunities for learning.
1. I am Not a Control Freak! (Control Structures).
2. First You Need to Plan the Party (Problem-Solving Process).
3. I Need a Tour Guide (Introduction to Visual Basic 2012).
4. Do It Yourself Designing (Designing Interfaces).
5. The Secret Code (Assignment Statements).
6. Where Can I Store This? (Variables and Constants).
7. What's Wrong With It? (Syntax and Logic Errors).
8. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Selection Structure).
9. Time to Leave the Nest (Nested Selection Structures).
10. So Many Paths…So Little Time (Multiple-Path Selection Structures).
11. Testing, Testing…1, 2, 3 (Selecting Test Data).
12. How Long Can This Go On? (Pretest Loops).
13. Do It, Then Ask Permission (Posttest Loops).
14. Let Me Count the Ways (Counter Loops).
15. I'm On the Inside; You're On the Outside (Nested Loops).
16. I Hear You Are Breaking Up (Sub Procedures).
17. Talk to Me (Function Procedures).
18. A Ray of Sunshine (One-Dimensional Arrays).
19. Parallel and Dynamic Universes (More on One-Dimensional Arrays).
20. Table Tennis, Anyone? (Two-Dimensional Arrays).
21. Building Your Own Structure (Structures).
22. I'm Saving For the Future (Sequential Access Files).
23. The String Section (String Manipulation).
24. I'm Suffering from Information Overload (Access Databases).
25. This Missing "LINQ" (Querying a Database).
26. I Love This Class (Creating a Class).
27. Getting Web-Ified (Web Applications).
Appendix A. Data Types.
Appendix B. Answers to Mini-Quizzes and TRY THIS Exercises.

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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic 2010

ISBN: 9781111530150
If you want to learn the fundamentals of programming, don't get bogged down with pages of technical jargon that most books on the market offer! No previous Visual Studio experience required for CLEARLY VISUAL BASIC: PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT® VISUAL BASIC 2010, 2E by the best-selling author, Diane Zak. This innovative text is designed for a first course in programming teaching the basics through visualization and application. Using the most recent version of the software, Visual Basic 2010, beginners will learn solid programming principles and knowledge that is easily transferable to other languages.

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