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Cengage Advantage Books: New Testament Story: An Introduction 4th Edition

David L. Barr

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2002, 1995, 1987
  • 608 Pages


Transport your students into the world of the New Testament with the strong literary approach and extensive photos and maps found within Barr’s NEW TESTAMENT STORY: AN INTRODUCTION, Fourth Edition. This unique text focuses on both the oral and written literary traditions and theory found throughout the New Testament, allowing students to understand New Testament writings as vital elements within the lives of real people. Critical study enhances the meaning of each piece as your students learn how to appreciate and better understand the language, historic, and cultural differences between Biblical and modern times. Your students leave your course equipped to read and study these writings for themselves effectively. While the text emphasizes some of the latest research methods, the focus consistently remains on the rich depth of the New Testament documents themselves.

David L. Barr, Wright State University

As a well-respected author, scholar, and teacher, Dr. David L. Barr now serves as Professor of Religion and chair of the departments of religion, philosophy and classics at Wright State University. Dr. Barr earned his B.A. from Fort Wayne Bible College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Florida State University. His areas of interest include Christian origins, New Testament, apocalyptism, and the Apocalypse of John.
  • More in-depth background of the New Testament: This new edition closely examines the background to the establishment of the New Testament canon and the church for a stronger overall understanding.
  • New exploration of non-canonical works: Non-canonical works, such as the Apocrypha and Gnostic writings, as well as lesser-known sects or communities, are examined to further students’ understanding of the New Testament works.
  • Strong archaeological context: A new introduction to the archaeological context for the New Testament tradition--as well as Old Testament and Judaic sources mentioned in New Testament stories--gives students the solid background to better understand the Biblical writings.
  • New intriguing photographs: Dynamic photographs of historic sites, artifacts, actual texts, and valuable maps provide strong visual illustrations that draw students into the living world of New Testament times.
  • Tables that organize learning: Useful tables throughout the book help students organize key concepts and learning objectives for quick review and understanding.
  • Proven end-of-chapter learning aids: Each chapter concludes with "Learning on Your Own" sections that assist students in reviewing the chapter. "Names and Terms" and "Issues and Questions"reinforce comprehension. Suggestions for further reading and study at the end of each chapter guide additional independent study for students.
  • Reading and Reflection boxes for in-depth study: "Reading and Reflection" boxes in the text ask students questions that encourage them to probe deeper into the Biblical text and expand their understanding.
  • Cost-effective paperback format: Wadsworth Cengage Learning provides this valuable resource in a paperback version that is economical and convenient for your students while still offering strong content and visual appeal.
Introduction: The Three Worlds of the Text: Reading the New Testament Story.
1. Preparing to Hear the Stories: The Cultural Context of the First Audience.
2. The Story before the Writings: Storytelling in Earliest Christianity.
3. The Earliest Jesus Literature: The Thessalonian Correspondence.
4. Paul’s Letters to His Followers: Philemon, Philippians, Galatians, Corinthians.
5. Paul’s Address to Those outside His Circle: Romans.
6. Paul for a New Day: Colossians, Ephesians, Timothy, Titus.
7. Echoes of Other Stories: James, Jude, Hebrews, Peter.
8. Stories Told: Approaches to Understanding the Gospels.
9. God’s Kingdom in a Tragic World: The Gospel According to Mark.
10. The Book of the New Community: The Gospel According to Matthew.
11. The Gospel as Heroic Narrative: The Story of Luke-Acts.
12. Irony and the Spirit: The Gospel According to John.
13. The Dawn of a New Day: The Apocalypse of John.
14. The Story after the Writings: One Story in Many.
Appendix: Doing Your Own Research: Hints for Writing Research Papers on the New Testament.

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