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Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of the Legal Environment Today 5th Edition

Roger LeRoy Miller

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CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: ESSENTIALS OF THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT TODAY, 5th Edition, delivers complete coverage of business law in a nontechnical style that engages students. Hands-on applications help them strengthen critical thinking skills and think through ethical dilemmas. This edition explores how traditional law has been applied to Internet issues and how other nations deal with legal problems. Also included is new material on Internet law, social media, and privacy. Presents the complete narrative of its parent product in an affordable format.

Roger LeRoy Miller, Institute for University Studies, Arlington, Texas

Roger LeRoy Miller has served on the faculty of several universities, including the University of Washington, Clemson University, and the University of Miami School of Law. As a professor, he has taught intellectual property law and entertainment law, among other subjects. A widely published and respected author, his work has appeared in the Insurance Counsel Journal, Defense Research, California Trial Lawyers Journal, Antitrust Bulletin, Wisconsin Law Review, and Connecticut Law Review. Professor Miller completed his studies at the University of California at Berkeley and University of Chicago.

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  • Online Developments. Included in select chapters, this feature explores how traditional legal concepts or laws have been applied in cyberspace.
  • Exam Prep. To help students prepare for quizzes and exams, each chapter concludes with "Issue Spotters" as a means to check their comprehension of some of the legal topics covered in the chapter. This section also directs students to the companion website where interactive quizzes offer additional preparation for quizzes and exams. Answers to the "Issue Spotters" are available at the end of the text.
  • Excerpted Cases. Streamlined cases help students quickly understand how they relate to chapter concepts. Case excerpts are presented using a standard format of "Background and Facts," "In the Words of the Court," "Decision and Remedy," and either "For Critical Analysis" or a "Why Is This Case Important?" discussion.
  • Ethics Emphasis. Helping students think through issues before they face them in the workplace, real-world "Ethical Issues" address an ethical dimension of topics covered in the chapter.
  • Critical Thinking. The text provides numerous exercises to help students sharpen their critical thinking skills and apply legal concepts to real-life business practice. Features and cases conclude with Critical Thinking questions to drive home key concepts. "Reviewing" features at the end of each chapter pose a series of questions about a hypothetical scenario, requiring students to apply legal reasoning skills to decide how the principle of law presented should be applied to the situation. In addition, select chapters include an "In Your Court" end-of-chapter case problem that challenges students to place themselves as the judge in the case described.
  • International Perspectives. Highlighting how international law or the laws of other nations deal with specific legal concepts or topics discussed in the chapter, "International Perspectives" give students a broad awareness of the global legal environment. Also, "Beyond Our Borders" in select chapters detail how international laws or the laws of other nations deal with the specific legal topics presented in the text.

Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of the Legal Environment Today


1. Business and Its Legal Environment.
Appendix to Chapter 1: Finding and Analyzing the Law.
2. The Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
3. Business Ethics.
4. Business and the Constitution.
5. Administrative Law.
6. Torts and Cyber Torts.
7. Criminal Law and Cyber Crime.
8. Intellectual Property Rights.
9. Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy.
10. International Law in a Global Economy.
11. Business Organizations.
12. The Formation of Traditional and E-Contracts.
13. Contract Performance, Breach, and Remedies.
14. Sales, Leases, and Product Liability.
15. Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy.
16. Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law.
17. Employment Discrimination.
18. Environmental Law.
19. Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition.
20. Investor Protection and Corporate Governance.  
Appendix A: How to Brief Cases and Analyze Case Problems.
Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States.
Appendix C: Answers to the Issue Spotters.
Appendix D: Sample Answers for Business Case Problems with Sample Answer.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.



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