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Cengage Advantage Books: A Pocketful of Essays: Volume I, Rhetorically Arranged, Revised Edition 1st Edition

David Madden

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2001
  • 304 Pages


Including titles in fiction, poetry, drama, and essays, David Madden's Pocketfuls series are slim volumes including only the essentials of the most familiar and most often taught works in each genre. Priced to be affordably packaged with two or even three other volumes, each book in the Pocketful series can also be used separately.

David Madden, Louisiana State University

  • The Most Inexpensive Alternative to Other Anthologies. Designed specifically for price-conscious instructors and students, the Pocketful series are priced under ten dollars for one volume, with substantial discounts on packages of two, three, or four books.
  • Slim Volumes Mean Many Options. With two volumes of poetry, two of plays, three of the short story (including contemporary short fiction), and two of the essay (rhetorically and thematically arranged), the Pocketfuls can be used in any number of combinations for courses covering one, two, three, or even four genres.
  • Only the Essential Selections. Since each book includes only the essentials of the most familiar and most taught favorites, students needn't pay for as many selections they won't be using in class. Fewer selections per book mean slimmer books that students will be more likely to buy, read, and bring to class for discussion.
  • Quick and Easy Guide (40-60 Questions) for Critical Reading. Located conveniently for easy access, Professor Madden's questions in each volume center students' study of the texts in the book, and also serve as a useful guide for reading any work, in or outside of class.
  • Annotated Texts. Most volumes in the Pocketful series include an annotated text that serves as an example of careful close reading.
  • Text is designed to encourage note-taking, and close-reading. Easy to read typeface, and wide margins allow students to follow the encouragement of the sample annotated text, and mark up the volume for themselves as they read.
"Just Walk On By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space," by Brent Staples.
"A Chase," by Annie Dillard. "Salvation," by Langston Hughes. "A Hanging," by George Orwell.
"The Way to Rainy Mountain," by N. Scott Momaday. "The Death of the Moth," by Virginia Woolf. "Marrying Absurd," by Joan Didion.
"Why Don't We Complain?" by William F. Buckley, Jr. "Shouting 'Fire!'" by Alan M. Dershowitz.
"Embalming the U.S.A.," by Jessica Mitford. "How to Give Orders Like a Man," by Deborah Tannen. "Slice of Life," by Russel Baker.
"Neat People vs. Sloppy People," by Suzanne Britt. "Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts," by Bruce Catton. "A Fable for Tomorrow," by Rachel Carson.
"My Wood," by E. M. Forster. " Why We Crave Horror Movies," by Stephen King. "The Lie Detector," by Lewis Thomas.
"Sexism in English: A 1990s Update," by Alleen Pace Nilsen. "Cinematypes," by Susan Allen. "College Pressures," by William Zinsser.
"The Holocaust," by Bruno Bettelheim. "Cultural Baggage," by Barbara Ehrenreich. "Growing Up Old," by Richard Rodriguez.
"I Have a Dream," by Martin Luther King, Jr. "Affirmative Action: The Price of Preference," by Shelby Steele. A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public, by Jonathan Swift.
"Internet Indexing Services: Why You Can't Find What You're Looking For," by Drew Buckhowski.

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