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Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach 9th Edition

Vernon G. Zunker

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CAREER COUNSELING: A HOLISTIC APPROACH, 9th Edition, gives students a solid understanding of theoretical models of career counseling and practical techniques. The author uses an innovative holistic approach, demonstrating how to consider values, temperament, talents, and passions. This thoroughly revised product includes chapters on integrating career and personal counseling, job loss and transitions, adult career development, and career-related programs in middle schools. It integrates diversity issues throughout, while case studies bring chapter concepts to life. It also includes tools to help students maximize their success in class and on the licensing exam.

Vernon G. Zunker, Emeritus, Southwest Texas State University

Vernon Zunker is a retired professor from Southwest Texas State University. He earned his Ed.D. with an emphasis on counseling from the University of Houston and completed a residency in clinical psychology at the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston. Although retired from teaching, Dr. Zunker continues to push the discipline forward by keeping career counseling relevant to all counseling students.

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  • As demonstrated by the text's “A Holistic Approach” subtitle, the thoroughly revised ninth edition of this classic book reflects the growing emphasis on looking at the “whole person”-values, temperament, talents, and passions-to determine his or her best career fit.
  • Extremely student friendly, Zunker's text clearly outlines and illustrates counseling models, helping students fully understand the various theories of career counseling and showing them how to effectively use them when dealing with clients. Theories are grouped together into four categories, demonstrating how each group of theories provides the foundation for the practice of career development.
  • The text's comprehensive coverage offers career guidance over the life span, including career guidance for school age children, college students, and adults in career transition.
  • To make students' study and preparation for the licensing examination easier, the text includes tables that summarize theories of career development and counseling models.
  • Thorough diversity coverage includes “Diversity Issues” sections that highlight relevant research throughout the text as well as five chapters dedicated to career counseling for special populations.
  • Each chapter includes cases that illustrate chapter concepts in action, an end-of-chapter summary, references, and learning exercises to aid students in understanding and retaining the material.
  • Numerous charts, bulleted/numbered lists, dialogues, agency addresses, and lists of competencies and strategies help make the material accessible and practical.

Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach


1. Historical Development and Some Basic Issues.
2. Theories of Career Development.
3. Career Counseling Models.
4. Integrating Career and Personal Counseling.
5. Career Counseling Intake Interview.
6. Using Standardized Tests and Self-Assessment in Career Counseling.
7. The Impact of New Technology on Work, Career Development, and Learning Platforms.
8. On Being an Ethical Career Counselor.
9. Career Counseling for Multicultural Groups.
10. Gender Issues and Dual Careers.
11. Career Counseling for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Clients.
12. Career Counseling for individuals with Disabilities.
13. Job Loss and Transitions.
14. Career Development and Transitions of Working Adults.
15. Career-Related Programs for Career Development in Elementary Schools.
16. Career- Related Programs for Career Development in Middle School.
17. Career-Related Programs for Career Development in High School and Beyond.

Using Assessment Results for Career Development

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